In Deeper

Tybee Island Shifters, #2

Micah Randolph has a difficult decision to make – pursue the dream he’s worked so hard for or be drawn back into pack politics by mating with a woman only interested in securing her rank in this captivating paranormal romance.

Celeste Proctor has always had the best of everything but now she needs a mate to maintain her carefully cultivated position and the reader can’t help but get drawn into the story as she propositions Micah for the position. There is lots of sizzling chemistry between them but that’s not the only sparks flying as old hurts come to the surface creating some explosive clashes of course the sex scenes are even more combustible, so you might want to hang on to your clothes. The Tybee Island Shifters are strong compelling characters that really pull the reader in and make it easy to get utterly caught up in their story and Celeste and Micah ensure that the reader can’t put this faced and smooth flowing romance down until they have read every last word.

And not to worry there is lots of excitement and danger to be found among all the passion as increasingly dangerous attacks against Celeste and her company leads the shifters to some disturbing conclusions. Surprising twists keeps the reader guessing while the well written and orchestrated scenes and details capture the imagination and the fascinating world and captivating characters ensure that the readers come back for more.

I have to say that I kind of had a love / hate relationship with Celeste, she’s very entertaining and I think it’s a good thing she’ll have Micah around to temper her a bit, of course, I could just take Micah away from her and keep him for myself but then again Max –his twin- is still single…maybe I could have him…

Book Blurb for In Deeper

The alpha’s brother has met his match.

Celeste Proctor always had the best of everything—expensive homes, fashionable clothing, and the coveted position of beta to the most powerful of all lycans, Drake Randolph. But after the alpha chose another to be his bride, Celeste is left without a mate. She needs one, and fast—the stronger, the better–to maintain her carefully cultivated position. One of the alpha’s brothers will have to do, but which one?

Micah Randolph has always lived in the shadow of his oldest brother. With his country music career heating up, Micah is looking forward to a whirlwind tour and achieving his own success, separate from his position within the powerful Randolph family. When the beautiful yet untouchable Celeste Proctor shows up, determined to mate with him or his twin brother, he has a choice to make: pursue the dream he’s worked so hard to achieve, or be drawn back into pack politics as the mate of a woman looking only to secure her rank in the pack? But the way she makes him feel when she looks at him…can he make her want him for more than his strong, lycan blood?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 5.00