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Welcome To Hell, #5

Adexios just can’t live up to his dad’s reputation and he’s got bigger dreams that ferrying damned souls but his problems just got bigger because Lucifer’s determined to pair this geek up with a violent Amazon warrior in this high intensity paranormal romance.

With Lucifer up to his usual matchmaking tricks, Dex and Valaska are dragged into the wilds of Hell and the reader can’t help but get sucked into this energetic romance as they discover passion for adventure and each other. The chemistry sizzles with hellish intensity and the sex scenes are hot enough for Lucifer but this romance will have you bouncing in your seat and rolling on the floor with laughter as these strong charismatic characters drag readers along on their adventure while the fast paced, smooth flowing plot energizes you with suspense, action, humor and romance.

Expectation builds lots of adrenaline pumping excitement throughout the story as Valaska and Dex discover a there’s a hostile takeover in the works by a malignant force with sea monsters at their beck and call which has quite a few dangerous encounters awaiting them all. There is never a dull moment as the intriguing events draw the reader in and refuse to let go and the vivid details make it easy for the reader to picture each and every scenes as it happens while some fun dialogue and humorous situations ensure that that reader is well entertained.

I love Eve Langlais’ books, but I must confess that this is the first one that I have read in this series and I really will have to remedy that because Eve has included a mix of unusual, sexy and fun characters in an unexpectedly energetic, crazy as all get out story that I couldn’t put down and I can’t wait to find out what happens next, especially since Ursula pulled a whammy of a trick on Lucifer.

Book Blurb for Hell's Geek

“Blowing up volcanoes and starting wars pales in comparison to making hearts explode and encouraging sinful, fleshly delights.” Lucifer’s candid one on one interview with HNN.

Big deal, so he kept losing the oar. It wasn’t Adexios fault the Styx monsters were working against him, but tell that to his dad. Charon is determined to make a man out of him—whether his mother likes it or not—and Lucifer has offered to help. Help means sending Adexios in to the wilds of Hell with an Amazon warrior as his companion.

The savage fighter doesn’t know what to think of her geeky partner. Adexios attracts Valaska with his brains instead of brawn. He also shows a cunning courage she can’t help but respect.

They’ll need all the skills they can muster, though, if they’re going to prevail against the newest threat to Hell. With the wilds submerged by seawater, and monsters hungry for flesh, they’ll have to fight to stay alive, and learn opposites not only attract, they explode. (With passion, not guts, in case that wasn’t clear.)

Welcome to the pit where the danger is never ending, the sea monsters are multiplying, and Lucifer is planning the wedding from Hell.

“Love is but a game and I control the pieces.” Lucifer’s philosophy.

Gaia's retort. "I told you not to tell people about the cuffs."

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2015 5.00