Ghosts of Christmas Past

The Phoenix Institute, Book 3.5

For Detective Aloysius James and his partner Noir, figuring out how to reconcile their careers with their relationship is harder than catching the bad guys and now a murder has landed them on opposite sides in this exciting paranormal romance.

There’s trouble brewing in Al and Noir’s life although their sex life has no such issues as their desires still burn hot but the emotional side to the relationship gets all tangled up with doubts and miscommunications that are threatening to tear them apart and the relationship only gets more complicated when a murder investigation involves friends.

The strong compelling characters grab the reader’s attention from the very beginning and the fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers shivering in apprehension with suspense, excitement and passion.

Lots of action ensures that there is never a dull moment as Noir finds herself in a couple of dangerous situations, Al’s investigation takes some surprising turns and their relationship has lots of ups and downs which also adds spice and depth to the story. The well written scenes and details capture the imagination and bring the story to life while the suspense keeps drawing the reader in and there is some humor along the way as well especially when Noir uses her gifts to catch the bad guys in a “ha-ha” kind of way.

The story is quick, enjoyable and the bit of holiday legend mixed in adds an extra touch of mysterious to the story and although I haven’t read the first novella ‘Luminous’ that features Noir and Al, I had no trouble enjoying this one - of course, now I really need to read it.

Book Blurb for Ghosts of Christmas Past

Christmas can be murder on a relationship that’s on the rocks.

The Phoenix Institute, Book 3.5

As Christmas approaches in crumbling Charlton City, Detective Aloysius James and his partner, Noir, are at a crossroads. Figuring out how to reconcile their careers with their relationship is harder than catching the bad guys.

Now that Noir has learned to control her invisibility and is making a name for herself among the city’s artist collective, Al senses there’s something she’s keeping from him. And he doesn’t know how long they can remain partners. Or even lovers.

Noir isn’t sure how Al would take it if he knew how deeply he has touched her artistic soul, or how he could react if he saw the secret drawings that have helped heal the wounds of her past.

When a murder lands them on opposite sides—Al ready to arrest a suspect Noir insists in innocent—they’re going to need to unwrap all the ghosts of their pasts to make this Christmas the first of many. Or it could be their last.

Warning: Contains explicit, desperate make-up sex. Also, pie.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.00