Fighting Destiny

Shifters of the Land, Sea, and Air, 1

The first book in the Shifters of the Land, Sea and Air series is a fast, fun and passionate erotic paranormal read.

Jeremy left his home to get away from his destined mate who was a child at the time. Now ten years later, Natalia is missing and he returns home to find her, he doesn’t expect to find himself attracted to her boyfriend Tommy as well.

The author has created an erotic world of shifters that is intriguing as well as very hot and steamy with frequent sex scenes with menage, sexual language and anal sex. The characters are captivating and the author conveys the emotions and drama with great clarity that grabs the reader’s attention. I loved that Jeremy let his heart make a life changing decision, instead of what his head thought everyone else would say.

The suspense builds as they are attacked by the shifters of the air and Jeremy has to accept his role as Alpha. The author does a great job of drawing the reader into the drama of this short story. The plot flows smoothly and is portrayed with great detail.

While I enjoyed the story, I think the story could have been expanded on to make it even better. It focuses mostly on the sex and drama of the relationship between Jeremy, Natalia and Tommy and barely spends any time on the conflict between the shifters. That being said, I will still be reading the next one in the series as the author has created an interesting shifter world that has lots of promise.

Book Blurb for Fighting Destiny

Jeremy left his small hometown ten years ago, determined to get away from the female child who was his predestined mate.

But Natalia, a rare tiger shifter, has been kidnapped. Jeremy chooses to return to help the land shifter pack find her. What he doesn't expect when he returns home is his attraction to Natalia's boyfriend Tommy and the fact that his tiger mate is still unclaimed.

Jeremy finds himself falling in love with both Tommy and Natalia, yet the rival shifters of the air seem determined to rip them from him.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, m/m sex

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 3.50