Double Down

Ozark Magic Book 1

Izzy Craig’s life is anything but magical, her grandfather passed away leaving her to manage a busy lake resort and an unrequited crush on the town’s sheriff but things start are starting to look up when Chris comes to town in this riveting romantic suspense.

Graham’s not sure if he can deal with his twin brother encroaching on his territory but when Izzy’s sketchy uncle enters the picture, he will have to trust his brother, Izzy and himself if he wants to keep the woman he loves safe and the reader can’t help but get pulled into this turbulent romantic triangle as the intense emotional distress flows from the pages and grips the heart while the intense chemistry between Izzy and each of the two men sizzles from every page. The sex scenes are scorching hot but the relationship is poised to fall off a cliff at any moment throughout the story which keeps anticipation building throughout as these strong compelling characters struggle to find their way through their emotional issues in this steady to fast paced and smooth flowing plot that thrills readers with lots of suspense, excitement, turmoil and passion.

Adrenaline pumping excitement builds as Izzy finds herself under attack and everyone scrambles to find a motive and the culprit behind the attacks which of course adds to the pressures and emotional turmoil this threesome is facing. The past interferes in the relationship and some unexpected twists keeps everyone on their toes both in the relationship and the investigation. The scenes are well written and provides great details that make it easy for the reader to picture every scene as it happens while the intriguing events draw the reader in and keeps them glued to the pages.

Double Down held me spellbound while Graham, Izzy and Chris captured my heart a little more with every turn of the page. The story had a great mix of suspense and personal conflict along with the erotic side of the romance and there were quite a few characters that has caught my attention so I can’t wait to read the next book.

Book Blurb for Double Down

Izzy Craig might live in a town called Magic, but her life is anything but. After nursing her beloved grandfather, he has passed away, leaving her to manage a busy lake resort and an unrequited crush on the town’s sheriff, Graham Nolan. Things start to look up when Graham’s estranged brother Chris comes to town. If she can’t have one handsome Nolan man, maybe his twin will do.

Graham’s feelings for Izzy have always been complicated . . . and intense. When he realizes that his brother has encroached on his territory, he’s not sure if he can deal. They’ve tried sharing a woman before, and that ended in heartache for everyone. But when Izzy’s sketchy uncle enters the picture, Graham’s cop senses go on high alert. He may very well have to trust his brother, Izzy, and himself, if he wants to keep the woman he loves safe.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.00