Camp Alien

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Camp Alien

Aliens / Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #13

One disaster after another – of course they are always someone else’s doing, because let’s face it, there is a lot of evil in our world (not to mention other worlds) and they almost always have some nefarious purpose or goal that only makes sense to them and it is Kitty’s lot in life to keep the bad guys in check or at least the bad guys sure like dump a great big pile of it on top of her and Jeff. And in this story, an old adversary with a complex plot has some pretty maniacal plans in store for Kitty and company, which sure keeps our new white house couple and everyone else hopping and the readers can’t help but become engrossed in the story as they breathlessly await what will happen next.

Not only are they trying to adjust to their new situation, there all kinds of characters that add chaos to the mix especially when trying to discover who to trust which isn’t easy when their enemies are making copies of people in their twisted and evil machinations. There is also plenty of emotional fallout before, during and after skirmishes and intrigues so really there is never time for Kitty and Jeff to take a breath and the reader really doesn’t want to book the down as all the excitement and suspense keeps the adrenaline pumping and in this case there is some added turmoil as Kitty and Jeff’s relationship is tested to its limits by the actions of their enemies who just may jump start world war three between them and for everyone else.

As usual, all the fascinating characters draw the readers in, keeps them on their toes and catch readers by surprise with their witty repertoire and “crazy” fighting skills, another words there’s never a dull moment and I was completely caught up in the story from beginning. Kitty and Jeff being in the White House adds interest and new problems which makes for a great twist to the series and promises future adventures will be just as or even more exhilarating than we’ve already seen.

Book Blurb for Camp Alien

The President and First Lady, aka Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini, don’t get any downtime once the Mastermind has been revealed to the world. Not only do they have myriad high-level government positions to fill, but the scrutiny and pressure on this Administration has gone into overdrive.

The sudden reappearance of a long-forgotten adversary turns out to be the tip of the iceberg. New robots and androids attacking, old enemies making new alliances, and new aliens with interesting abilities almost overshadow the fact that the U.S. still has to host a peace summit at Camp David between Israel and Iraq. It’s clear that while the Mastermind may be down, there are plenty of others ready to take his place—and all that stands between them and success are Kitty and Company.

Kidnappings, rescues, creepy hideouts, a hidden black site, and a domestic dispute that could end Jeff and Kitty’s marriage are nothing compared to finding not one but two hidden labs where dangerous and deadly things are brewing.

But when the President and his entourage finally get to the peace talks, things are no better. Mossad rightly suspects something’s wrong with both their Prime Minister and the President of Iraq. A hidden in-control superbeing, an android replacement, and an army of Fem-Bots turn the peace talks into a Battle Royale that the team might not actually survive. And if they don’t make it, Earth won’t make it, either.

But no pressure.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.50