Born of Stone

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Born of Stone

Gargoyle Masters, #1

Orestes is a protector of the realm and he’s content to leave the humans to their idol worship until one small human calls to him like no human before in this hypnotic paranormal romance.

Astrid is terrified of the magical creature that suddenly takes notice of her and is completely amazed when she is whisked upstairs to be pampered and the reader can’t help but be amazed themselves at the tenderness that such a strong protector can bestow on a mere human. The attraction between Orestes and Astrid singes readers with lots of heat and the sex scenes are scorching but the relationship does have a small obstacle…He is a gargoyle and that are not known for keeping women. Strong compelling characters grab the reader’s attention and capture the imagination ensuring that they will come back for more while the fast paced, smooth flowing plot mesmerizes with suspense, excitement and romance.

Chilling tension builds throughout the story as the Gargoyle Masters discover that someone is plotting to destroy the realm and one of their own has gone missing and excitement builds as Astrid is taken and Orestes discovers that their connection may be the only thing to save her life. The well written scenes and details bring the story to life while the suspense holds readers captive until they have read every last word.

To add even more spice to the story, there are unexpected twists, another romance brewing and Orestes and Astrid get the surprise of a lifetime while the setting is the perfect ambiance for this story of gargoyles and wizards. The author has created a fascinating realm with some very sexy protectors and the story had me enthralled from the very beginning and I can’t wait to read the next one.

Book Blurb for Born of Stone

Within a body strong as stone beats a heart ready for love.

For seventy years, Orestes and his eleven gargoyle brothers have done their duty to protect King Kadmos’s realm. There’s only one annoyance in his life—humans.

He’s content to leave them to their idol worship. Until he notices a small, frail woman serving at his table, doing her best to remain invisible. Something about her calls to him like no human before.

Astrid is terrified. Not only of the powerful magical creature with inhuman strength, but of the staff overseer’s lash for calling attention to herself. Instead she is whisked away to paradise, bathed, fed, and made love to by Orestes as if she is his reason to live. But she isn’t naïve enough to believe she is anything more than a temporary diversion.

When Orestes is called away to search for a missing brother, Astrid is kidnapped by a traitor intent on using her to bend Orestes to his will. Little do the lovers know that the connection between them is no weakness, but a strength their enemies would be fools to underestimate…

Warning: This book contains paranormal fighting, steamy sex scenes, strong-willed females, and men made of stone who prove to be soft as butter in the right woman’s hands.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.00