Beast Denied

Beasts of Bodmin Moor, Book 2

Naomi Flynn swore she would never leave herself open to being manipulated by anyone again, so burning up the sheets in a buddy-with-benefits arrangement works just fine until she thrusts right back into the arms of the man she can’t afford to remember in this captivating paranormal romance.

Ten years ago, a brutal assault robbed Tynan Galloway of his destiny as a protector of the pack and no way is Naomi going to be another casualty of his fate and the readers can’t help but get pulled into the passion and thrills as fireworks erupt when danger has Naomi reluctantly accepting help from Tynan. This relationship has a past that has fear reaching consequences since it holds both Naomi and Tynan in its turbulent grip which has lots of emotional turmoil flowing from the pages and capturing reader’s hearts while the sizzling chemistry heats things up and a fantasy comes true with a scorching hot ménage scene. These characters have strong personalities that draw the reader to them and are easily related to while the fast paced and smooth flowing plot captivates readers with lots of suspense, turmoil and romance.

Naomi’s attempt to act out her fantasy leads to quite a bit of trouble and places her in danger’s path which in turn puts her right smack where she didn’t want to be…stuck with Tynan’s over protectiveness which causes lots of spine tingling tension and anticipation building suspense. The intriguing events, and heated encounters that produce fiery sparks guarantee that there is never a dull moment as the well written scenes full of great details brings it all to life.

I was completely spellbound by Naomi and Tynan’s story and I must warn you that you may be moved to tears at a couple of points but for the most part the story will entertain you and get your pulse pounding due to the animated confrontations between Tynan and Naomi as they fight their burning desires.

Book Blurb for Beast Denied

To embrace the future, they must defy the past.

Naomi Flynn never intends to mate or marry. Either one would leave her open to the manipulation she’s sworn never to endure again. Besides, no panther male will want her once they know the truth behind what happened a decade ago.

She’s happy to burn up the sheets in a buddy-with-benefits arrangement, until a craving for a three-way sexual adventure thrusts her right back into the arms of the man she can’t afford to remember.

Tynan Galloway doesn’t intend to stand by and watch the woman he wants throw herself at every male with a pulse except him. Ten years ago, a brutal assault robbed him of his destiny as a protector of the pack, but damned if Naomi is going to be another casualty of his fate.

In the heat of a fantasy come true, Naomi’s resolve to keep her emotional distance weakens. But when Tynan discovers she’s in potential danger, he dares her to deny he’s the only man who can protect her. Never expecting she’ll go to extremes to prove him wrong...

Warning: A hot panther shifter with something to prove, a heroine with a secret to keep, and a threesome arrangement which brings out the teeth and claws.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 4.50