Barely Winging It

Kaska Pack, #3

Two couples find their mates and then they are tested by fate as they have to fight to defend pack and family in this exciting paranormal romance.

Dultyn has to overcome his past and Havana has to grow up, Nix has to keep his mate as well as the pack safe and Bronya still has to accept a new reality and the reader can’t help but get drawn into all the excitement and romance as both couples struggle to reach their happily ever afters among all the adversity that seems to surround the Kaska Pack. The characters are strong captivating and each are charismatic in their own special way which adds quite a bit of diversity to the story as well as grabbing reader’s attention and the attraction between Nix and Bronya and between Dultyn and Havana is combustible for both couples but their matings couldn’t be more different.

The story is fast paced and has a smooth flowing plot that covers lots of ground with lots of excitement which means that there is never a dull moment, especially since there is a stalker, the bad guys from the other packs are still causing trouble, abductions, plane crashes, and bullets, not to mention that there looks like the paranormals have some new enemies to worry about. The well written scenes bring the story to life and the well-orchestrated events keep readers from putting the book down once they start reading it.

Once again, the Kaska Pack was a thrilling adventure that had me on the edge of my seat from the very beginning and I love how two couples found happiness among all the chaos.

Book Blurb for Barely Winging It

Two couples, Dultyn and Havana, Nix and Bronya, are brought together and tested by fate.

Dultyn has to learn how to overcome his past or he risks losing what matters most to him—but time is not on his side. The chaos around them doesn't give him time to even breathe, so how can he learn to share his darkness? Havana has to temper her character to grow into an adult, but it doesn't help when she's abducted, twice.

Nix battles to keep his mate safe, as well as his pack. His work is cut out for him as his mate is repeatedly attacked, then crashes a plane with his alpha inside. As for Bronya, she has to accept a reality that now includes paranormals and a gun-wielding pyromaniac stalker.

All four fight to defend the pack, and family, they are trying to build. As their pack doctor says, "Things happen fast in the paranormal world."

Be Warned: spanking

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 5.00