The Waiting

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The Waiting

The Waiting has a great plot, with an ending that will blow you away. While the writing seemed stilted and the characters seemed uninterested in each other, you begin to understand the reasons behind this as the story progresses. After a slow start to the story, I was quite impressed with how it ended and the struggles they dealt with throughout their journey.

'The doctor placed a fatherly hand on her blanketed leg and composed himself.

An idea had been circling around Brian’s brain for the past couple of weeks. He figured now was as good a time as any to broach the subject.

“I want to take her home,” he blurted. “To our house, the one we picked out together. I want to get her out of this hospital. If she’s going to get better anywhere, it has to be there.”

Dr. Stepka sighed, and their gazes locked for what seemed hours, though could only have been seconds. He nodded. “I think you should. She belongs with you, in your home. All we’re doing here is providing a bed and changing IV bags. Yes, at this point, I think that’s best.

She’ll need nursing care and someone to be with her 24 hours a day.”

Brian’s body felt limp with relief.'

(Page 17, The Waiting).

After finally getting married, tragedy strikes these newlyweds, taking their happily ever after away. Months in the hospital lead to Cassandra being kept at home on life-support, the home she never got to decorate. Things begin to look up for the couple. Cassandra seems to be getting better and Brian is going back to work when things take another turn for the worse.

Book Blurb for The Waiting

Clinging to life, haunted by the dead.

Newlywed Cassandra Pagano lies in a state between life and death, her body fed and preserved by the machines at her side. While she struggles, unaware of the world around her, someone waits—a boy. A phantom that appears solid, real, alive. Cassandra’s husband, Brian, sees him in the house, by her bedside, running down darkened hallways. The boy walks without sound, whispers words that can’t be deciphered.

Terror and tension are driving Brian to the breaking point. Why is the boy there, and what does he want with Cassandra…and her fading soul?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00