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When I first picked up Serial, I was unsure about what I thought. The Blurb seemed interesting enough, but I was pleasantly surprised by the journey that the author took his readers on. The blurb certainly doesn't do justice to the book.

The book is seen from a new perspective, the route not often travelled in novels. As a collector of crime novels, both fictional and true crime, I have to say that I loved this book. It definitely deserves a place in my collection.

With its attention to detail, gruesome scenes and wonderful dialogue, I can see it doing fantastically amongst its intended audience.

The ending was a shock, a twist that I never saw coming and I'll be looking into some more works from this author in hopes that he delivers again.

Book Blurb for Serial

Two serial killers in a battle…to the death!

Murder is business as usual for Homicide Detective Isaac Grant, but when he’s called to examine a body, he realizes an uncomfortable truth: There’s a serial killer on the prowl in the dusty, southwest city of El Paso…a second one.

With two killers dueling for territory, it’s only a few days before there’s another murder, the battle waged through the media. And as the killings escalate, each more horrific and daring than the last, Isaac is caught in the middle. No matter who wins, blood will be shed.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00