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Schooled starts off, getting right into the crux of the Heroines problem. Parent teacher interviews. From there, you follow her on a journey through troubled kids, handsome parents, and the possibility of love.

The author uses descriptions perfectly, telling you what you need to know, while allowing you to paint the picture of her world in your own mind. The plot, though predictable in places, was intelligent and captured my attention from the start. Emotions run high at many points in the book, and they are all well explained and shown with how the characters interact with each other.

Overall, this was a great book, enjoyable and fun to read. I'd recommend it to any romance lovers or anyone looking for something along the lines of this.

Book Blurb for Schooled

For ten years, teacher Harper Perry had attended Parent/Teacher Conferences with dread in her heart and a smile plastered on her face. The last thing she expected was the instant attraction to her most problematic student’s father.

Nathaniel Pearson tried to be a good dad, even when circumstances tore him from his child’s life. Now he's back and determined to do right by his son.

He had the best intentions when he met Scott’s teacher. The last thing in the world he expected was to be schooled in the ways of love.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00