Wicked Temptations

I'm confused as I write this review for "Wicked Temptations" by Tambra Kendall just as I was confused in reading it. The thirty page short story that followed the life and love of Laria and her Scot, Cameron was truly baffling.

The story begins in a pastry shop where the reader discovers Laria, a crimson-haired witch who has special powers in cooking and mucking up spells. She loves her life as a pastry chef but she is constantly being harassed by a villain named Hamish. He has always wanted her land and so, by his dubious cleverness, decides to threaten her at every onset. He even goes as far as tossing a stone through her front window. The dastard! But first, he wanted to harass her by sending a lawyer who had files regarding her land. The lawyer introduces himself as Cameron and sparks fly! Literally! Their love-making inspires magic to flow through Laria's veins and she even manages to pull off a spell correctly!

Eventually, Laria is told by the Fae Queen, Titania, that Hamish will resort to deadly means to take Laria's land but that a love shield will save the farm and vanquish the evil and smarmy Hamish along with the traitorous goblin named Gobby.

Although Cameron and Laria have fallen head-over-heels for each other, Laria's Gran, who is a wisp, tells her to create a love potion for Cameron so he can declare his love for Laria and thus save the day! But the true conflict is whether or not their relationship will survive the cunning deception on Laria's part.

There were many fantastic elements to this short story, but there wasn't enough character development, plot development or details. I truly wished the author would have lengthened the story and spent more time on drawing the characters because there was a great deal of promise in these thirty pages.

Book Blurb for Wicked Temptations

Laria MacCleod is the owner of Wicked Temptations, a tea shop known for its pastries and scones.

Hamish Wallace is aggressive in pushing her to sell her property, despite Laria's adamant refusals. Her property is blessed by the Fae for the land is sacred. Laria and the women in her family blessed with magical abilities. They are protectors and keepers of the grove behind the store.

Laria needs a hero. One handsome patron, attorney Cameron Logan fits the role perfectly.

The attraction crackles between Laria and Cameron while Hamish's evil intentions endanger the lives of Laria, Cameron and the Fae.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 2.75