Three's A Charm

This is an Anthology of shorts, so I have divided them and reviewed them individually. They were well-written but some tickled my fancy and some did not. It's as simple as that.

Witch in the Middle By Roxanne Rhoads 3 Stars

I'm sorry for the low rating on this one. It wasn't the writing that hampered my ability to continue reading because the author can certainly weave words into magic. But I despise women like Ariadne, our heroine, who plays with men's emotions so easily. She literally forced them into menage because she couldn't choose between the two. My question is, if your man couldn't choose between you and some other woman, would you join in menage especially if you hated the competition? I sure as hell wouldn't and I wouldn't waste my time with someone too confused to choose and love only me. Perhaps that makes me selfish but I would not play with two men's hearts like that. They deserve better. Menages and love just don't mix for me.

Banshee Nights by Courtney Sheets 3.5 Stars

I'm not a fan of M/M/F menage where the man focuses more on the other man, but if you are, then I highly recommend this little love nip. It is very well-written and the story is also interesting. I could have actually read more regarding the situation but every loose end was tied in a neat little bow and I didn't have any outstanding questions. This just has quickie written all over it. If you're looking for some love, you won't find it here but you will find something equally exciting!

Sensual Apparitions by Rebecca Leigh 3.25 Stars

In order to enjoy this little tale of eroticism, suspend all disbelief! If ghosts ever tried to seduce me, I would take off screaming, bolting for the nearest insane asylum! Ghosts are damn scary--that being said, if there was more information regarding these ghosts, if the relationship had grown between the two ghost men and our heroine, Gia, this tale would have been fun!

Angel Blood by Jay Di Meo 4 Stars

M/M/M doesn't do anything for me but if you enjoy it, then this is surely for you! Talk about sinful! Now I know for a fact that the devil is waiting for me hell. He probably has a tiny condo filled with ironic punishments over looking the river of lava reserved just for little ol' me and you too if you read this! Demons, and angels and vampires, oh my! Could it be more wickedly delicious? I think not.

The only qualm I had with this other than the triple male hitter, were the seals. That aspect of the story confused me a bit but not enough to deter me from reading. As I said before, if M/M/M ignites your fire, trust me, you will be burnt to a crisp reading this!

Trick or Treat by Alithea Howes 4 Stars

Okay, this was sick! It reminded me of the fairy tale "Faithful Johannes". If you haven't read the tale, read it. In a nutshell--The King and Queen love their servant Johannes so much, that when he dies, they have him stuffed and placed near their bed always pointing in their direction. Freaking creepy. This story, "Trick or Treat", has that ick feel to it. The heroine's sadness and devotion is so palpable and thick that I had to swallow in order to breathe. I swear, as much as this story disgusted me because of what she does in order to feel her dead husband once more, it was also very pitiful. I couldn't help but to keep reading this poor girl's sorrow and at the end of this extremely short read, I think there was a ray of hope that she was beginning to move on. I know we can all relate to losing someone special and that is why this story will rip out your intestines. If you're looking for just a quickie with no emotions, then pass on this. But if you're feeling kinky and a bit bored, then by all means, grab this and have your mind blown!

Super Nova by Lisa Lane 3.5 Stars

This really wasn't my thing. It was written very well but my prudish nature couldn't help but complain. I apologize for being so closed-minded when it comes to females having penises but I couldn't seem to move past that. I'm obviously still a neanderthal and for that someone should spank me good and hard! But if you're more progressive than I am, then go for it! You won't be disappointed.

Mortal Passion by Garland 3.25

I understand that Raphael was a fallen angel, but did he have to adore screwing the devil and Lilith and then drag along a human for the fun of it? I really like angels but the fallen ones, not so much. And I really don't understand how the human girl, Gloria, could possibly enjoy being kidnapped by Satan and Lilith, screwed by them, and then discover that her angel, Raphael, was behind the whole thing without screaming to high heaven for help! Then again, I'm not a fan of Satan so perhaps my opinion is skewed because of that.

Moonlit Destination by Trinity Blacio 2.75 Stars

I don't usually give less than three stars but this particular story made me cringe, and not in a good way. Although there were three strapping lads bounding with lust, they were brothers who were supposed to mate with one woman at the same time. I repeat, they were brothers. And not friends who are so close they are brothers but actual blood, genetic brothers. I was too turned off to get turned on by it. I'm sorry, but I couldn't get past the blood relation.

I do applaud the author for creating a heroine who doesn't fit the normal perfection of beauty, but I still couldn't get past the brother thing. Even writing this review, I can't get past it.

The Angels in Room 111 by Sienna Peron 3.75 Stars

The heroine, Andrea, was adorable! She made the story come to life, what little of it there was. I really wish the author would have spent more time on the characters and their journeys. This had so much promise that I found myself imagining the story continuing on, a battle waging between Heaven and Hell and the PTB getting in on the action. When it comes to Angels, it takes a great deal to satisfy me because I feel as if they would be better than anyone and anything out there so many authors tend to disappoint me. But I will say that I found Raphael cute albeit too human for me.

Book Blurb for Three's A Charm

Can't make up your mind between a vampire lover or a werewolf?  Well, unlike Sookie Stackhouse, in this paranormal menage anthology, you don't have to!

Join eight Ravenous Romance writers in their search for the ultimate supernatural threesome.  Vampires, witches, werewolves, demons, devils, ghosts, banshees, angels and even aliens, all have a thing for some hot humans in these scorching pages!

Stories in this anthology:

Witch in the Middle by Roxanne Rhoads
Banshee Nights by Courtney Sheets
Sensual Apparitions by Rebecca Leigh
Angel Blood by Jay Di Meo
Trick or Treat by Alithea Howes
Super Nova by Lisa Lane
Mortal Passion by Garland
Moonlit Destination by Trinity Blacio
The Angels in Room 111 by Sienna Peron

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 3.75