Forever Dead Series, Book One

Can I give "Reawakening" more than 5 stars? Please?

From the very first line "All June could think was-Kelsey is dead, Kelsey is dead, Kelsey is dead-while the image of the ravening hordes feasting on Kelsey's body played behind her eyes" to the very last line, I was hooked. My heart raced with the graphic descriptions of the zombies and every sound inside my home made me jump and force me to look over my shoulder. The details were astounding! The imagery, the prose, everything that makes a book beyond great was here!

I have decided that the greatness of this novel can only be quantified by math: Charlotte Stein + Zombies + Menage = Totally Awesome!

My lips are chewed to hell as are the quick of my nails because I was literally on the edge of my cushiony chair! It's not the zombies that entice me or intrigue me, it's the human emotions that entrap me. They are raw and so very real. Even though this was a menage, it all made perfect sense. No matter what is happening in a Charlotte Stein novel, the characters are always fully injected with realism.

The heroine, June aka June-bug, was the strongest heroine I have read in a long time. And she wasn't over-the-top either like so many novels and shows tend to make women these days. Instead, she could hold her own. She didn't need to rely on men but in a world of the rotting dead, it helps to have friends!

Both of the heroes, Jaime and Blake, had me drooling. And more than just man-meat, they were everything! They were funny, sweet, charming, and oh so tender! They understood you couldn't just knock a woman over the head and drag her back to the cave and expect her to actually love them in the morning! Instead, they took their time, allowed her to make the decisions. After all, she had been through hell and back!

I can't stress this point enough--buy this book! This is my favorite Charlotte Stein novel! And I know it will be yours too!

Book Blurb for Reawakening

CATEGORY: Paranormal Romance, Ménage/Multiple Partner, Erotic Romance, Horror.
ELEMENTS: Erotic Descriptions of Sex, Adult Language, Adult Situations, Violence, Gore and Sex Between Multiple Partners.

June has spent the last two years of her life trying to avoid death at the hands of murderous psychopaths and ravening zombies. So when Jamie turns up on the scene, careless, still whole and promising her safety on a little paradise island, she isn’t quite sure she can trust him. Especially when he tells her that it’s just him, and his equally big, burly, handsome friend Blake.

But Jamie and Blake are even better than her wildest dreams—sweet and funny and charming. And worst of all: sexy as hell. Though they're trying to be gentlemanly with her, all she can think about is how much she wants to get tangled up in them, and forget the nightmare the world has become. She's waiting for her reawakening—back to life and happiness and love.

And they seem like just the right sort of men to wake her—body and soul. 

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 5.00