Kiss of Honor

I adore knights! Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by their gleaming armor, the lances held rigidly, and the steeds they rode into battle but poor Gawain, our hero, left me wanting. He had taken vows of chastity and yet the man was a complete pervert! Every woman who passed him by turned him on! I understand that going without for such a long time can be difficult, but he had never known carnal desires and yet that's all he thought about! I found it highly aggravating that such a model citizen who was supposed to be better than the foul lackeys who ran amok was always fantasizing about screwing whoever passed! If every monk or nun who had taken vows of chastity was like Gawain, there would be no such thing as a virgin!

I wanted to be tempted by a scrumptious knight who was virtuous and courageous but this man was just like every other man. And not only were his convictions easily forgotten, but they became a convenient excuse for him to toss our heroine aside. He called her succubus because she must have enthralled him with a spell or a potion because he would never break his vow of chastity! It wasn't his fault he was attracted to her--she was a demon! I don't care what sort of religious practices had taken root in his soul, it was still shameful behavior on his part to accuse her of using witchcraft on him instead of admitting he liked her. After that one scene, I hated Gawain. He became intolerable for quite a while until he rescued our heroine from a rapist. It was sad that he had to foil a rape in order to win back my favor.

As for our heroine, Miriam, she was sassy and strong at first but then she easily forgot her strength. After she was accused of being a succubus by Gawain, she still was attracted to the weak man who blamed her for his carnal lust. As if it was her fault he wanted her! But she gradually found her footing again.

I must give props to Jenna Reynolds for creating an environment so real, that harsh emotions boiled in my gut! I believe that makes for excellent writing on her part, but the character of Gawain knocked this book down a few notches. Because of her writing, I'm willing to read other works of hers, perhaps if religious virgins are not involved then I'll enjoy the story. She definitely gives strong voices to her characters and for that she should be given praise!

Book Blurb for Kiss of Honor

Gawain yearns to become the perfect knight. Loyal, brave and, most importantly, pure. He has yet to experience the pleasure of bedding a woman, though many have tried to tempt the handsome knight. When he’s sent by his tyrant-king to find a witch named Mother Wildrose, he soon finds his vow to remain chaste severely tested.

Miriam Wildrose is a beautiful, strong-willed and passionate hedge-witch who is devoted to the people of her village. She urgently entreats Gawain to rise up against the tyrant, even as she tries to seduce the extraordinarily endowed knight into her bed.

Will Miriam persuade Gawain to defy his king? And will he give in to his own burning desires? 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 3.00