Forbidden Fruit

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Forbidden Fruit

Holy Cow! I think the flames of hell are licking my, scratch that, it's pure arousal rushing through my veins!

Wow! Those three letters have never encompassed more feeling or pure ecstasy than they do right now! I just finished reading "Forbidden Fruit" by Rosalie Stanton and although it is not my usual genre of werewolves, zombies, or heroines wielding weapons, it was well worth the time to read! Don't be uptight because the story touches a bit on the taboo but these are step-siblings--not related. I'll say it again, they are NOT genetically related. So, relax and grab whatever you can to help you read through this enticing, wickedly sinful tale! I swear the devil has a special place reserved for me in hell right now. I can practically smell the sulfur but this story is worth dancing on brimstone!

Book Blurb for Forbidden Fruit

Ashlynn Sweeney has been in love with Reese for ten years, which would be no problem if he were not her stepbrother. Being near him is unbearable, but Ashlynn likes to think she plays it cool, and his living on campus definitely makes life easier.

When Reese comes home for spring break, Ashlynn does her best to avoid him. Yet temptation’s hard to resist, and discovering the object of her affections masturbating to pornography is about as tempting as it gets. Though she flees before they can lock eyes, Ashlynn finds Reese isn’t about to let her off that easily. Instead, he suggests they watch the rest of the movie together.

Ashlynn’s low on options. She can either face the forbidden with her head held high or brace herself for uncomfortable family gatherings. Either way, her life’s about to change . . . she just doesn’t know how much.

Sexual interaction between step-siblings | Coming of Age | Extreme Kink | Short Story

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.75