Fang Bangers

An Erotic Anthology of Fangs, Claws, Sex and Love

Because this is an Anthology, I have divided the stories and reviewed them individually. My reviews are based on opinion, character development, and plot. The below authors did a fine job with their stories but some appealed to me and some did not.

Forbidden Pleasures by Rebecca Leigh 3.5 Stars

This is a timeless story of man wants woman, woman wants man, but alas! their love is forbidden. Instead of this being a short love bite, I would have liked to read this tale in full length. There was great setup for a novel. So much can be done with the forbidden desires but as it was, "Forbidden Pleasures" was a quick, sexy read and if you love vampires then this is the tale for you!

The Creatures from Craig's List by Jeremy Wagner 3 Stars

I love the title! Without even knowing this was a paranormal story, I would have taken the title literally! There are some interesting people on Craig's List! LOL

But there was a reason why this story received only 3 Stars. You all know I don't mind taboos, but there is one thing that I do mind. I will not read about twins engaging in a threesome. I'm sorry, that's too icky for me. I don't read about brothers willing to screw a girl at the same time. If the thought of twins appeals to you, however, then by all means, read this!

Shattered Resistance By Lucy Felthouse 3 Stars

This little love nip was very well written but I just couldn't get into it. I was a bit creeped out by our heroine, Suzy. She would do anything to get her wish of being an immortal vampire. And I mean anything. I have to admire her determination, however, because she never gave up. I think she might have been too much for Dane, our vampire hero, though. He was very easily manipulated.

Mate Run By Isabo Kelly 4 Stars

What could possibly be better than violence and sex? Hmm...violence and sex with weretigers? Bingo! Weretigers are an overlooked bunch so I was excited when both the hero, Max, and heroine, Irina, turned out to be tiger shifters! It was also thrilling when they had to pursue each other and when they finally caught each other, the real action began! I can't get into the details because of spoilers, but I love action! I love intense fighting where I find myself on the edge of my seat rooting for the good guy, Max! At first, I kind of wanted the bad guy to win but when I learned of his intentions, I could not pull for him anymore! As you might have guessed, gentle reader, there is a happy ending but getting to that point is a lot of fun! Don't miss this one!

Girls' Night Out By J G Faherty 4.5 Stars

I literally laughed out loud when I read the following line: "No, I was simply horny, bored, and hungry". Who isn't? I continued to laugh at J.G. Faherty's description of random passers-by, drunk girls and desperate frat boys because the words were just too true! Faherty really does have a way with words! And although I'm not a fan of lesbian eroticism, I can still say I enjoyed the story. If F/F/F seems tempting to you, then by all means, bite into this!

The Best Man By Elizabeth Thorne 3.5 Stars

The heroine had it right, werewolves are sexy! As Cheer Captain for Team Jacob, I can understand her fantasy to be a with a wolf and I must say, living her fantasy when she finds out her best friend's brother, Matt, is actually a werewolf, was quite fun! This is a good, solid wolf tale that is sure to be enjoyed if wolves appeal to you!

And Ye Shall Eat the Fat of the Land By Jan Kozlowski 4 Stars

I read a lot of books and write many reviews so it's rare when I'm shocked or surprised by anything. That being said, holy shit! Jan Kozlowski has created a heroine so unique, that I will never be able to forget her! Lolly Bounce is THAT unique! Although the story is as old as time, the characters certainly aren't! Kozlowski even added a special and different twist to a vampire! I ate that up! And not only was the story unique, but some of the lines made me laugh out loud like the following, "Maybe he's an alien and he eats with his ass," is how a friend of Lolly Bounce described the vampire, Maddik. I always say there needs to be humor with the love otherwise love is just too damn boring!

Cupid, Cuspid: What's The Difference? by Lois Gresh 3.5 Stars

I must congratulate Lois Gresh for creating Tremora. The author certainly knows how to use creativity and yet she also knows how to make something so different seem utterly normal. Tremora may be a Tripod, a creature of tentacles, claws, and other things, but she craves what we all do--love and understanding. I can't tell you how the tale ends, but it left me smiling. You'll be smiling too once you read this story!

Will Power By Cecilia Tan 3 Stars

This was well-written and though I enjoy a little rough play and bondage now and again in my stories, I couldn't enjoy the dagger scene. A blade in her...arena? And that was pleasurable? I don't want to know.

But the character development was beautiful and if I was made of steel, I would have enjoyed this story.

Good Boyfriend by Gina McQueen 4 Stars

LOL! This was only two pages long, if that. But there was more story told in those few words than many novels are able to tell! This was clever, very clever.

Fixation By Dana Fredsti 5 Stars

Oh, Dana Fredsti, you have a way with words! And this particular line had me hooked: "I love animals, especially cats large and small, and would rather spend my time doing cat

rescue and volunteering at FPC than dealing with either children or men. Unfortunately working

with the exotic felines wasn't all picking up leopard shit, chopping up frozen horsemeat, and

scouring sinks free of congealed chicken fat". Too much! My side split open at those words and there wasn't a doctor around to help me! And it also didn't help that I continued laughing at practically every line!

If you, gentle reader, have been following my reviews, you know that I am a HUGE fan of Dana Fredsti. She has yet to disappoint me. And with all Dana Fredsti stories, I'm always upset when the end draws near. This one story in particular ending far too abruptly for me! What happened to Maya? Was she a black jaguar or wasn't she? I can't ask the right questions here otherwise it would be spoiler time, but dang, I need to know the answers! Gentle reader, please read this story and tell me what you think happened to Maya!

The Red Devil Lounge by Melanie Thompson 4 Stars

I think Ms. Melanie Thompson should make a "Red Devil Lounge" series that follows different characters and their experiences within this sexy lounge! It would be a blast! I had fun reading this little tale even though I'm not really a fan of vampires or historicals! But the writing was lovely and the story was very cute!

Jan's Punishment By Sascha Illyvich 4 Stars

I'm not really a fan of M/M, but this tale was excellently written and devilishly tempting. The progression with the characters, Faolen and Jan, was well done. I could believe every action they took and why. Sascha Illyvich is a great storyteller and I would like to read more from Illyvich.

Love Bites: A Survival Guide By Kilt Kilpatrick 5 Stars

I have already reviewed this story in Kilt Kilpatrick's "Under the Kilt" Anthology. I absolutely adore this story! What's better than zombies, vampires, and survival? Sex with all three? Oh, yeah.

All in all, the "Fang Bangers" Anthology was a delicious compilation and well worth the time to read it! You won't be disappointed!

Book Blurb for Fang Bangers

FANG BANGERS collects 14 hot stories of fanged and clawed love and lust - Vampires loving shape shifters, werewolves lusting for fairies and every creature imaginable with the girl next door!

It's a collection of the ultimate taboos.

Erotic super star Cecilia Tan gives us some Vampire BDSM, New York Times best-selling author Lois Gresh gives us a clawed creature of unique proportions and propensities, and Gina McQueen (New York Times best-selling author John Skipp in drag) shows us some new werewolf tricks.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.00