Ashley Drake, Zombie Hunter

I have never had this much fun reading a novel about zombies! Ashley Drake: Zombie Hunter, A Plague on All Houses by Dana Fredsti had me in a laughter choke hold. Not since Christopher Moore have I been enraptured by comedic orgasm!

Her apt use of pop culture references had me in tears as the zombie slaying action had me on the edge of my seat! The use of imagery and description put me right in the thick of blood-splatter and guts.

I couldn't imagine falling in love during such a chaotic time, but Dana Fredsti's seamless perfection of words warmed my heart as Ashley Drake, a strong and vivacious heroine, and Gabriel, never-did-catch-his-last name mystery man, fall madly in love. The romance is subdued, a more subtle growth of emotions rather than a complete head-over-heels, take me romance which adds to the genuine feel of the novel.

Although the premise is as delusional as an entire psych ward, the reality of the characters emotions and reactions gave the fictional novel a strong dose of realism. I could see this plot actually occurring which made my heart palpitate and my adrenaline soar. With every slice of Ashley's katana, my arms jolted alive as if I had just chopped off the head of a zombie!

Dana Fredsti's attention to detail is what truly gave breath to the novel. I have never seen the Redwoods in California, but because of Dana Fredsti's excellent descriptions, I have now. She transported me into a world filled with succulent aromas of forests and belly-lurching zombie rot.

The only reason I have rated this novel slightly less than perfect is the use of pop culture references. As I have said before, the references added to the realism of the novel, however, at times, I was distracted as I remembered the movies being dictated. I truly believe Dana Fredsti is one of the more talented writers such as Laurell K. Hamilton and could be able to describe the scenes with fewer pop culture references.

I laughed until I cried and gnawed to the quick of my nails as I was held in Dana Fredsti's thrall. I will never watch Zombie movies in the same way again.

Thank you, Dana Fredsti, for making me laugh out loud in the middle of Starbucks!

Book Blurb for Ashley Drake, Zombie Hunter

Ashley Drake is just a pretty northern California co-ed with a love/hate crush on the strong-jawed, golden-haired Gabriel, her frustratingly handsome teaching assistant. But neither are what they appear to be...

In the space of one day the world has gone topsy-turvy. A viral outbreak is bringing the dead to life. Ashley discovers strength and abilities she never dreamed she had when she becomes drawn into the struggle against the walking dead as part of an elite zombie hunting unit. Her new squad leader? Gabriel, who is shouldering more than a few secrets of his own. Between fighting with zombies and fighting with Gabriel, Ashley is about to learn the true meaning of drop-dead gorgeous.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00