The Curse of the King

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The Curse of the King

Seven Wonders, #4

I absolutely loved this book. It didn't leave the reader hanging and wondering where the book would leave off, and the story was absolutely phenomenal! I was especially pleased that this didn't fall flat like so many other books in other series. It's filled with action, which I think many middle grade readers will enjoy. I can't wait to see where the author goes next in the series!

Book Blurb for The Curse of the King

Percy Jackson meets Indiana Jones in the New York Times bestselling epic adventure Seven Wonders!

The Curse of the King is the fourth book in a seven-book series by master storyteller Peter Lerangis. This sequel to The Tomb of Shadows, Lost in Babylon, and The Colossus Rises chronicles the adventures of Jack McKinley and his friends as they face their greatest challenge yet—the long-lost Statue of Zeus. In their struggle to undo what's been done and unlock the secrets of this Wonder of the Ancient World, our heroes must confront gods, relive old battles, and face down their own destiny to save themselves—and the world—from destruction.

Age Range: 8 - 12 years / Grade Level: 3 - 7

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.00