Whips and Chains

Weapons of Redemption 1

I love series like this one. It's not necessarily a continuing saga but parts of a whole. Whips and Chains is a story about finding peace with one's self. The premise starts with five friends who cope with their shared past by a variety of methods. This is Guy's story. The plot quickly drew me in and as Guy and Ryan began to interact, I was completely hooked. Both men are damaged and alone. Their chemistry is smokin' and their sex is raw and visceral. There's a contest of sorts in Guy's home dungeon that's incredibly emotional and erotic. There's some nice paranormal stuff in here too, but it doesn't overpower the storyline. Secondary characters add to the depth and help set up the framework for the series. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and can highly recommend it to anyone who likes some kink with their vampire love. Can't wait for the next!


Five friends met when they were prisoners of a vampire. Turned themselves, they struggle with the after effects of their enslavement. Guy is helping a friend track a serial killer. One of the suspects is known as the Beast Tamer at the local BDSM club. Guy goes undercover to gain the man's trust but Ryan is nothing like Guy expected. It becomes far too easy for him to forget that there's a killer on the loose.

Book Blurb for Whips and Chains

Five men, enslaved by a vampire pirate and forced to do his bidding, rebelled against their master and earned the wrath of a monster. Now, while plotting to destroy the man who, centuries later, still thinks he owns them, they use their powers to protect other victims.

In a seedy underworld of sex and violence, a serial killer is stalking men and Guy is called upon to find the murderer. Ryan, a professional Dom known as the Beast Tamer, specializes in meting out pleasure and pain to oversized men. While undercover, Guy and the sexy young man with a mysterious past become lovers, but is Ryan the next victim or is he the killer?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50