To Die For

Kaelen had warned Amy against keeping any of the blood samples she had. There was no way she was stopping her research. It's important and no one - vampire or not, is going to stop her. She can't deny that Kaelen both frightens and fascinates her. After seeing Kaelan gravely wounded in an attack, Amy must go into hiding with him. The two discover that they can share dreams, a sign that they are mates. Kaelan hates humans and can't understand his growing attraction to Amy. As they explore that attraction, it also becomes apparent that someone wants to hurt Kaelan and Amy may be his greatest weakness.

I first met Kaelan and Amy in the previous book, Deadly Crimson. They were intriguing then and I'm so glad they have their own story. Kaelan is bit intimidating at first and Amy doesn't know what to make of him. I liked her attraction to all things 'vampire' even before she knew they existed. The sexual attraction between the two is smokin hot. There are some really erotic sexual encounters between them with just enough kink to keep it really interesting. Kaelan's confusion over this attraction is amusing and they have very enjoyable 'discussions'. The plot was interesting and fast-paced. It was nice to see Stacy and her men again. I would suggest reading Deadly Crimson first to get a better feel for this world. Ms. Michaels has created a place filled with magic, danger and fantasy and I do hope there is more to come.

Book Blurb for To Die For

After an explosive encounter, which leads to Amy turning over her samples, Kaelen can't get Amy off his mind. Her research proves that vampires exist and he's determined to get it from her. She's just as determined to keep it...and use it.

What begins as a simple seduction becomes much much more. Kaelen is attacked and almost killed. Although Amy can't accept her growing feelings for a vampire, of all things, she calls for help getting him to safety. She means to stay behind, but Kaelen won't leave her and the two discover they have a connection that permits them to share dreams.

If one is in danger, then so is the other, and Kaelen must defend both his vampire council seat and Amy from his enemies, if he's to keep this newfound love worth dying for.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations and graphic language.

Previous Book: Deadly Crimson

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50