The Warrior Laird

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The Warrior Laird

Dugan MacMillan is desperate for money. His clan will evicted from their lands if he can't raise the monies to pay the rents. Out of options, Dugan begins a treasure hunt for lost French gold. With only a piece of the treasure map, he starts out. When a beautiful woman steals his portion of the map, Dugan feels justified in kidnapping her. He soon learns that she is betrothed to cruel but rich baron and makes plans to ransom her. Lady Maura is desperate too. She's running from an arranged marriage to evil man and trying to reach her young, vulnerable sister. She is also trying to find the French treasure but only has one part of the map. She never intended stealing another part from the handsome laird but it happens. When she's taken prisoner and held for ransom, Maura can only pray for a miracle. Maybe they can find the treasure. As the two try to solve the puzzle of the map, simmering attraction burns between them. When the time comes, can Dugan turn her over to the Baron for the desperately needed gold or will they unlock the secret of the treasure in time?

I do love a good Scottish romance. This has all the necessary elements that make for enjoyable and entertaining read. Dugan and Maura are really good together and I loved the chemistry between them. Maura is a delightful character. Her sass and courage play nicely off of Dugan's sense of honor and his conflicting emotions. The treasure hunt is a nicely done mystery and evil villains add suspense to the story. This is thrilling adventure with just the right amount of passion and romance. I liked its fast pace and the way that Dugan and Maura's relationship develops. A very nice way to spend the weekend. If you like the Scottish Highlands, be sure to try this one.

Book Blurb for The Warrior Laird

From talented author Margo Maguire comes the first in a wildly passionate Scottish-set series about siblings who survived a brutal past and who will stop at nothing to claim their birthright-even as they each find breathtaking passion along the way.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00