The Square Peg

The Square Peg is an interesting story on several levels. I like the pace of the book. It's not a 'love at first sight' romance. In fact, only in the broadest definition of the word is it really a romance at all. It's not that emotions don't run high or that there isn't genuine affection between Ben and Shane because there is. But both men are so unsure about what's happening and the chemistry is so intense, that these are what dominate the story. I really liked that intensity. I will say that I'm not big fan of pain for pain's sake nor do I care for face slapping, but Ben's innate honor and nurturing smooths out most of the rough spots. In real life, Ben's lack of experience and Shane's lack of limits would make for a dangerous experience; however, this not real life. It's good fiction. I think the dialogue does a fantastic job of conveying Shane and Ben's feelings, fears and reticence. I very much enjoyed their journey and the way they learned about each other and themselves. The sex on the whole was very hot; but the moments of tenderness are also very satisfying. The secondary characters are excellent and I hope that there's a story for Vin coming soon. I thoroughly enjoyed this read and would recommend it to anyone who likes an intense and explosive courtship.

Ben had a job he didn't like and ex who made him feel boring. When his estranged dad left him half ownership in a bar, he saw a chance. That chance became something more when he met the other owner. The Square Peg was more than workplace to Shane. He'd hoped the old owner's son would just leave him in peace. After all, what did a stuffy, accountant know about running a bar. Although there's an instant attraction, it isn't until later that Ben and Shane find just what chemistry would entail. As renovations to the bar progress, so do the sparks between the them. Ben discovers a part of himself that he never knew and Shane finds what he's been looking for but couldn't explain. As they explore what's between them, unseen danger explodes into their live

Book Blurb for The Square Peg

Benedict, a successful accountant, who's just been dumped for being boring, is surprised and pleased to learn that he's inherited half ownership in a gay bar from his estranged father, seeing it as a chance to get out of his rut. That's until he meets his new partner, a mouthy, disturbingly hot Brit called Shane, and discovers that the bar's in the red and Shane's not interested in renovations that could drive away their regulars.

When a late-night confrontation turns into the hottest sex either of them has experienced, they realize there's one way to fit a square peg into a round hole, but are they solving problems or papering over the cracks? As they explore the new dynamic between them, pushing their limits until Ben's shocked at where his desire to dominate Shane takes him, the renovations to the bar begin. They're building something new, something good -- but fear and an unexpected act of violence may tear down what they've created.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM elements (includes caning/spanking), D/s, male/male sexual practices.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.00