The Italian's Bold Reckoning

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The Italian's Bold Reckoning

Hot Italian Nights Book 4

"The Italian"s Bold Reckoning" is part of the Hot Italian Nights series but stands on its own. The story is short, engaging and very, very sexy. Matteo and Angela have a simmering chemistry that the author exploits right to the very end. Love and lust intertwine as each character faces the past as well as the future. Great afternoon read. I highly recommend the entire series.

The Story: Angela can’t live a man she can’t trust even if that man is her sexy leading man husband. She has every reason to believe he’s cheated on her and runs. It’s only her screenplay that draws her back to Venice and Matteo. But Matteo has other plans for his estranged wife.

Book Blurb for The Italian's Bold Reckoning

He’s lured her back. Will she take the bait?

He believed their passion could never fade. Yet it’s a year since Matteo De Laurentis lived with his gorgeous, talented, obstinate wife. Angela insists they’re mismatched, but Matteo refuses to give up the only woman he’ll ever love. Italy’s sexiest leading man is determined to get his wife back. By whatever means necessary.

Angela is desperate to avoid working on this film with the handsome, charismatic actor-turned-director who happens to be her estranged husband. It was a mistake ever to think she could hold her own in his glamorous world. But now she’s trapped in Venice, unable to escape the one man who turns her brain to mush and her body to a blaze of passion.

Is Matteo taking revenge to a whole new level, taunting her with everything she’s given up? Or is this seductive torture as difficult for him as it is for her? She can only pray he never discovers her secret weakness – that she’s still desperately in love with him.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2017 4.50