The Dark Knight

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The Dark Knight

I found myself completely absorbed by this love story. The characters were vivid and real. The plot was enticing and exciting. I really liked Dante and Avalene. Their story sucked me in and I eagerly followed where they led. It was such an emotional journey. I really appreciated the fact that the author kept a true sense of realism in the story. There is plenty of action but nothing over the top. The focus remains clearly on the love story. I was swept away and felt part of Dante and Avalene's world. There are intriguing secondary characters, like the young former slave Rami, who add depth and richness to the story. Court politics and conspiracies bring the time period to life. I know that Ms. Elliott's loyal fans are eagerly awaiting her new book, but I'd recommend this story to anyone who enjoys historical romance and gets caught up in knights, ladies and love.

Dante has one last assignment before the King's Assassin is gone forever. He must stop the marriage between one of King Edward's Marcher lords and the last remaining descendant of Welsh royalty. That joining could incite a rebellion. Masquerading as Sir Percival, Dante convinces Avalene de Forshay that he is in her father's service. He persuades her to flee her Uncle's home and accompany him. Avalene is resigned to her marriage to Faulke Segrave but she finds herself attracted to the noble knight sent by her father. Their journey is fraught with danger as Avalene discovers she's been betrayed and that Sir Percival in not who he claims to be. Forced to go to London with Dante, she still finds that she has strong feelings for the man. Dante must also come to terms with his feelings for his intended victim. Avalene de Forshay is unlike any other woman he has ever known. If she can forgive his deception, Dante will challenge even King Edward himself to keep her.

Book Blurb for The Dark Knight

At long last, Elizabeth Elliott—the bestselling author of The Warlord and Scoundrel—returns with a medieval romance that will take readers’ breath away.

Thief, assassin, and master of disguise, Dante Chiavari is the most feared mercenary of England’s King Edward. On one last assignment, Dante must play the part of a chivalrous knight to steal Avalene de Forshay from her family and thwart the ruthless Faulke Segrave, who would wed Avalene and use her to spark war between Wales and the crown. Upon seeing the beautiful and innocent young maiden, however, the mercenary suddenly finds himself at the mercy of his own intense desire.

When Avalene meets the handsome knight she knows only as Sir Percival, he sweeps her off her feet even as he spirits her away from Coleway Castle. Their escape is wrought with risks and perils, but Avalene will find that the greatest danger lies in losing her heart. And after the truth is revealed, Avalene fears that she may never again be able to trust the dark knight who has come to mean more to her than life itself.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.50