The Blarmling Dilemma

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The Blarmling Dilemma

Hearts in Orbit , #1

The Blarmling Dilemma by S.C. Mitchell is a sexy, exciting Sci-fi romance that is also quite adorable. I enjoyed this funny and entertaining read. Main characters Phoebe and Rigel are likable from the start and their chemistry is immediate. The story flows in a way that makes for easy, light-hearted reading. There's plenty of exciting adventure and steamy moments, but the Blarmlings are the icing on the cake. The dialogue sets the tone for the story and allows the reader to get to know the characters. The lingo adds just the right amount of colorful language. Although the story takes place in space, it has the feel of an old fashioned, swashbuckling pirate tale. I was hooked from the start and the adventure was just beginning. There are twists and turns as Rigel and Phoebe race to save the Blarmlings and themselves. Mitchell is a new author for me and I can't wait to see what else he writes.

Phoebe believed that the Blarmlings were people too, and should not be destroyed in the lab where she worked. She goes on the run with the Blarmlings and is soon caught by bounty hunter Rigel. But, Rigel is more than what he seems.

Book Blurb for The Blarmling Dilemma

“They’re not animals. They’re people!”

Phoebe Callista’s pleas fall on deaf ears and she’s forced to rescue two helpless Blarmlings from certain death. Fleeing across a backwater sector of the galaxy, with Galactic Marshals in hot pursuit, Phoebe falls into the hands of a handsome but determined bounty hunter.

Rigel Antares has captured wanted criminals throughout the galaxy rim, but he’s never come across anything like Phoebe Callista. The gorgeous blonde is playing the innocent, and something deep inside wants to believe her, but Rigel has problems of his own—a ship that’s falling apart and an unscrupulous Galactic Marshal looking for any excuse to send him back to the prison planets of the Theiler System.

An intergalactic circus, vicious space pirates, and a planet full of backtechers cross their paths as two hearts go into orbit to save a pair of adorable Blarmlings.

Hearts in Orbit — Volume 1: THE BLARMLING DILEMMA is a science fiction romance set in the far-flung space traveling future, and sets a new course across the galaxy that leads to love and adventure.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50