Tempting the Bride

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Tempting the Bride

You know you've found a keeper when when your kids ask why you're bawling your eyes out on the sofa. Tempting the Bride is heartbreaking, uplifting and passionate. David is a unique hero. I found his devotion to Helena so incredible. Yes, he could have used a muzzle at times and he's his own worst enemy, but he's strong, caring and hopeful. Helena is also a fascinating character. Her backbone and spirit are indomitable. The plot is creative and very engaging. Everything comes together in a story I couldn't put down. There's an underlying sensuality that permeates every encounter between David and Helena. The story within the story is genius. David's daughter adds a special dimension the plot. I was surprised, I was happy, I was sad and sometimes all three on the same page. This is wonderful read that I won't soon forget. I highly recommend it. I can't wait to read more by this author.

David Hillsborough, Lord Hastings has loved Helena Fitzhugh since he was an awkward teen. He teased her unmercifully and earned her scorn. Years later, when Helena refuses to consider her reputation and pursues a married man, David saves her from ruin and marries her. A freak accident robs her of her memory and David sees the chance to court the woman he loves. But what will happen when Helena's memory returns and she remembers her first love?

Book Blurb for Tempting the Bride

In this new masterpiece of historical romance from the acclaimed Sherry Thomas, a headstrong beauty is rescued by the notorious rake she has always despised...

Helena Fitzhugh understands perfectly well that she would be ruined should her secret love affair be discovered. So when a rendezvous goes wrong and she is about to be caught in the act, it is with the greatest reluctance that she accepts help from David Hillsborough, Viscount Hastings, and elopes with him to save her reputation.      

Helena has despised David since they were children—the notorious rake has tormented her all her life. David, on the other hand, has always loved Helena, but his pride will never let him admit the secrets of his heart.      

A carriage accident the day after their elopement, however, robs Helena of her memory—the slate is wiped clean. At last David dares to reveal his love, and she finds him both fascinating and desirable. But what will happen when her memory returns and she realizes she has fallen for a man she has sworn never to trust?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 5.00