Tempting Flame

The Jendari Book 1

"Tempting Flame" is a fantastic start to an amazing new sci-fi romance series. The author strikes the perfect balance of world building and intriguing storytelling. Everything about the Jendari is fascinating and fresh. Tallis is sexy, strong and committed. He brings his culture to life. Jasmine is a sensual woman with the courage to do what it takes for those she loves. The chemistry between them is HOT, but the storyline is the true gem in this book. Good, original sci-fi is hard to find and sexy, romantic sci-fi even harder. Delwyn Jenkins does both in this engaging and complex read.

This is story about good guys and bad guys, right and wrong, fear and tolerance. The shifter aspect of the Jendari is absolutely captivating. A true love story, Tempting Flame also tells a suspense filled tale that will keep the reader up all night. Tallis and Jaz are so right for each other. It’s exciting to watch their journey. The secondary characters are compelling and add a lot to the story. They also provide interesting possibilities for future stories. I highly recommend the one to sci-fi lovers as well as those who just need a great love story.

Book Blurb for Tempting Flame

~Editor's Pick~

Jasmine Teale will do anything for the sick kids she works for, including handcuffing herself to the security desk at Hope Towers – headquarters of the newly-arrived aliens. When a Jendari warrior decides to handle her demonstration personally, Jasmine realizes she’s in way over her head.

Tallis Ba’reah has no interest in the humans whose planet his people now share, and he’s done with the endless anti-alien protests. Until he confronts a soft, sexy, protest-of-one and he becomes far more interested than he should be. Interspecies relationships are forbidden, and Tallis does his best to avoid temptation. But when Jasmine is put at risk because of her ties to him, he’s forced to admit his heart is in charge – not his head.

Tallis may not be able to claim her for his own, but he’ll do whatever it takes keep her safe.

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Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 5.00