Sword and Shield

Weapons of Redemption (#2)

Sword and Shield is the second in the Weapons of Destruction series. It's angsty, sexy and puts a whole new spin on sword play. Rule is filled with anger and shame about his past. He's so closed off. Joel is an excellent match for his darkness. I enjoyed the storyline and the sizzling sex scenes. The book is the perfect length for a 'one sitting' read and a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. I'm really looking forward to Brayden's story.


Rule suffered much remorse over his time as a prisoner of the vampire pirate Tarun. Physical pain helps to keep his demons at bay and his emotions closed off. But one man threatens his controlled life. Joel has wanted his sexy fencing instructor since the first day. One hot night was all he got. Rule ended everything with Joel immediately after that night. But when Joel goes after his brother’s killer, Rule can't stay away.

Book Blurb for Sword and Shield

Rule coped with his abduction by the vampire pirate Tarun by cutting off his emotions. After centuries of self-control through punishment, he found a man who finally reached his heart only to break up with him after a night of passion.

A secret organization of obsessed swordsmen engage in duels to the death. When Joel's brother is murdered and Joel swears to avenge him, it's up to Rule to save him from a vampire who uses the duels as an easy blood supply, but once he sees Joel again, will Rule be able to resist him?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00