Something Wicked

Romance on the Go

“Something Wicked” is a wickedly sexy short story. Lathan and Abbi have a sultry, sensual chemistry from the beginning. The storyline is interesting and although I would have like a longer tale, the author does an admirable job of packing a lot of story into a short read.

Vampire and werewolf books abound but this one is a fascinating mix of the two. I liked the characters outside of the sex. That's something that doesn't happen often is these erotic short stories. This is a very enjoyable afternoon read.

The Story: He's an outcast in the paranormal world, belonging nowhere and feared by most. She's not quite what she seems. When Lathan and Abbi meet everything changes.

Book Blurb for Something Wicked

Being wicked never felt so good...

Born from hate and violence, Lathan knows all too well what darkness feels like. He's centuries old, and an abomination to the supernatural world. With a vampire father who forcibly took Lathan's werewolf mother as his own, Lathan's hybrid genetics make him feared by all.

Abbi has no one and nothing of importance in her life, but that doesn't stop her from living. When Lathan feeds on her and tries to use compulsion to make her forget, she realizes he isn't just a vampire, but something altogether different. He's also her mate.

*READER NOTE: This was previously published under the title Something Wicked This Way Comes. It has been re-edited. no new content has been added.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.00