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There is a lot I really liked about this story but its subject matter is dark. I think it accurately portrays the harsh realities that women faced in that time period. Laryssa does the only thing she can to save her daughter. Bhodan is rough around the edges and not quite in "good guy" category. The most fascinating part of this story is growing bond between Laryssa and Bhodan. This relatively short book so there's not much time for development but the author did a nice job with the two main characters. While not quite a spanking romance, it is sexy and compelling nonetheless. Laryssa really finds her sensuality and, maybe Bhodan finds his soul.

When her daughter is kidnapped by outlaws, Laryssa's only hope of freeing her is finding a way to stay close by. She agrees to cook for the men and share the leader's bed. While her goal is to save her daughter, Laryssa finds herself drawn to the enigmatic Bhodan.

Book Blurb for Snatched

The most precious person in Laryssa's life is her daughter. So when Sofiya is snatched by a gang of outlaws, Laryssa feels compelled to go after her and try to rescue her from these men. She finds them in a ruined castle in the depths of a large forest and realises that she is helpless against the four vagabonds and, in despair, she offers to work at the castle and become the bedfellow of their leader, Bhodan, in the hope that she will eventually be able to free her daughter.

Bhodan has a dark past, reflected in the dreadful scars on his face, but beneath these wounds Laryssa finds a man who excites her more than any man has ever done before. Bhodan too finds that this woman has wormed her way past the armour plating that has long been his defence against a cruel world and a strong sexual passion develops between them. Then one day Bhodan is severely wounded in a raid and his life hangs by a thread. Will Laryssa leave this man to die in order to free her daughter from captivity? Or will she stay and try to save the man who has shown her a level of passion she may never know again?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00