Silent Night's Seduction

1 Night Stand Series

It's almost Christmas and Lily McCormick is pissed. Her brother has had her 'kidnapped' for one of Madame Eve's 1Night-Stands. He may have been able to drag her on the plane but he can't make her stay. She'll simply tell her date it was a mistake. Unfortunately, her date turns out to be her ex-husband. She had left him three years ago when it was clear that she wasn't nearly as important as his job. Now she's trapped with the man who still holds her heart. Maybe the magic of Christmas is just what they need.

This is a charming story. Lily and Rafe are so clearly still in love with each other. Their attraction simmers until it bursts forth in all its glory. Steamy sex and sweet emotion play out against the Alaskan landscape at Christmastime. I highly recommend this enjoyable holiday read. As with the rest of the 1NightStand series, this one can be read on its own.

Book Blurb for Silent Night's Seduction

Stubborn and proud cowgirl, Lily McCormick, is finally coming to terms with her quiet life on her parent's ranch, until her older brother, as payback, signs her up for 1NightStand. Kidnapped and forced onto a plane to a foreign location, she faces the dreaded cold and an unwanted tryst, until her ex-husband appears before her date.

New York City District Attorney, Rafe Martinez, would do anything to get his ex-wife back, even if it meant taking drastic measures to pretend he was there for another woman. When jealousy and rage surfaces and Lily's tough demeanor wanes, desire and lust sparks their once powerful connection as truths unfold. Will Rafe convince her to return to him or push her further away from giving their love a second chance?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25