Shifting Winds

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Shifting Winds

Tales of the Darkworld Book 1

“Shifting Winds” gets down and dirty very quickly. Elysia and Declan are scorching hot and incredibly inventive. Their romance unfolds in a fascinating reality, and while I would have loved more of a backstory, I was still hooked on them and their world. Don't read this one in public if graphic sex scenes make you blush. Their chemistry is immediate and undeniable. I really enjoyed the world that the author creates and can't wait to read more about it and the people who inhabit it. Short, sexy read!

The Story: Elysia was never going to be fooled by a man again. She keeps her passions tightly controlled until the Undertakers Ball and the sexy dragon shifter. Declan's been waiting for a chance with the beautiful vampire and now he's done. Their attraction will not be denied.

Book Blurb for Shifting Winds

Elysia Granville is gun-shy when it comes to men. A previous relationship went belly-up in a very public way, in front of hundreds of her peers at a Funeral Guild Convention. The one man who helped her on that humiliating day has always stuck in the back of her mind although she avoided him as much as she avoided other men. His kindness to her that day, matched with his tall, dark handsomeness, made her fall a little for him. Despite her crush, she’s never sought him out. Until now.

Declan Antaeus is a big man, athletic, muscular--and a black dragon shifter. With his clan mark of tribal lines creating a twisting dragon that curls from his back and over his shoulder, he’s masculinity with a capital M. But Declan’s got a soft spot for vampire Elysia Granville. He’s been secretly in love with her since he first met her while she was still engaged to the man who eventually dumped her at the convention. He’s been waiting for a chance to get close to her, to finally touch her. And he finally gets it on Halloween, of all nights.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.00