Scarcity Holidays

MLR Press Story A Day For the Holidays 2011

Scarcity Holidays brings together Soldier, Dillon and their family for Christmas. Scarcity Sanctuary is getting ready for the holidays and Dillon and Soldier spend some time reminiscing about Christmas’s past. Dillon has a few errands to run on Christmas Eve as the family all gathers at home. When he runs late and doesn't answer his phone, Soldier knows he's in trouble. As the night plays out, Soldier and the boys will need all the strength and courage they can muster. It is, however, the season for miracles and that's exactly what Dillon needs.

First, I have to say that I love this series. Although this story can be read on its own, I don't recommend that you do. Soldier and Dillon's story is crucial to understanding their relationship. The boys also have heartbreaking and poignant stories that shape their adult lives. I loved the return to past Christmas’s and the glimpses of the men that Scarcity's boys have become. The danger that Dillon finds himself in rocks the very foundation of Soldier's life. Emotional and gripping, the whole story will capture your heart as everyone prays for Dillon's safety. This is a very well-written and much appreciated addition to the Scarcity Sanctuary series. One request to the author - please, please, please write Tommy's story.

Book Blurb for Scarcity Holidays

Everyone is looking forward to Christmas at Scarcity Sanctuary, especially Soldier and Dillon, as they remember Christmases past. What happens when it's Christmas Eve and everyone is there but Dillon? Dillon is the one who always has everything in perfect order for each event. Where could he be? Dillon is only ten minutes late and Soldier is freaking out because Dillon doesn't answer his cell. Gom and Soldier have to go find him, and boy, do they? It's not a simple situation. As a matter of fact, it's a crime! In the end, it's a beautiful Scarcity holiday.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 5.00