Reluctant Surrender

Trust In Me, #2

Wow, just wow! Reluctant Surrender is everything I hoped for and more. I was thoroughly enchanted by Reclaimed Surrender and had very high expectations for this story. Ms. Murphy did not disappoint. There is a vibe throughout this story that just enthralls the reader. The BDSM theme is being vastly overused these days and often the whole emotional/mental component is sacrificed for graphic sex scenes. Not so with Colin and Ethan, their connection is far more than physical. However, the simmering and sensual sexual energy is nothing to scoff at. Creative, profound and soul searing scenes abound. Both Colin and Ethan confront themselves, their fears and the effect their pasts had on their beliefs. I loved the way the perspective flows back and forth between the two characters. We get a complete picture of the journey. Highly recommended! I do hope there are more stories to come. Jo and Ted could really use one.

Colin reluctantly agrees to spend time with 'The Hypnotist', Dom Ethan White. While she may harbor a secret fantasy about being controlled, acting on it is whole different story. Ethan is intrigued and aroused. It's been a long time since a woman has captured his interest. He sees Colin's hidden desires and needs and sets out to explore them. Both are changed by the experience.

Book Blurb for Reluctant Surrender

“First off, I’d say, with real love there is no happily ever after. There are going to be fights and struggles, triumphs and accolades. A real man knows this. He also knows that it’s not about what he gets from his woman. It’s about what he gives her. His loyalty and protection so she can trust him to see the real her without judgment." ---Ethan White, to his girl Colin

He’s a prominent Dom used to getting what he wants.

She’s publicly guarded and tightly wound.

He’s fascinated by her and somewhat curious.

She’s intrigued by him, but very cautious. Especially when he tells her her something she didn't know about herself.

“Your attraction or erotic button is only pressed when you’re in the presence of a stronger-willed person than you.”

It couldn’t be true.

But it was…

When an opportunity arises, renowned Dom, Ethan White, seizes the excuse and offers straitlaced Colin Reneaux an escape from her conventional life. Reluctant at first, she eventually agrees to his kink inspired deal. An enlightening sexual exchange that entails BDSM tapas, promising small bites of various erotic D/s scenarios be played out. Where he is her captor, boss, interrogator, professor and Master. Each eye-opening and sex-fueled scene leaves her more breathless than the last.

“I imagine a real woman holds nothing back.”


She shook her head. “Fear is the prison of the heart.

Ethan’s surprised to find himself challenged by her strength. He quickly connects with her inner submissive, which draws them deeper into the D/s dynamic. Soon she becomes the woman he swore he’d never need and he becomes the Master she craves. Together they find the perfect balance…Until someone from Ethan’s past, bent on revenge, returns and he’s left with no choice. He must break Colin’s heart to free her from the vengeance that threatens her dream.

Fortunately for him, she has other ideas. Like who should wear their heart on their sleeve and who should ultimately surrender.

It certainly wouldn’t be her, because she already had…

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.50