Doms of the FBI, #1

Darcy's lover and Dom had disappeared months ago; and she was the prime suspect. Scott had been her anchor and now she was trying to put the pieces of her life back together. Theo appeared out of nowhere when she needed a firm hand. He grounded her and fed her submissive desires for dominance and pain. But Theo isn't real. Undercover FBI agent Malcolm Legato is investigating the man that Darcy works for. He needs a way in. Although he no longer considers Darcy a suspect, he can't reveal is true purpose. He's drawn to her beyond anything he's ever experienced but he knows that their relationship is founded on lies. Will Darcy ever forgive him when she finds out that her trust has been violated?

This author is new to me and she's combined a story about the evolution of a D/s relationship with a tale of suspense. I enjoyed her writing style and attention to detail. The FBI investigation works well alongside the love story. Darcy is wonderful character and I simply loved her from the start. Her courage and self knowledge make her a strong woman and quite able to keep up with Malcolm's dominance and, sadly, his betrayal. The D/s scenes are some the best I've read even though the pain element is bit more intense than my usual preference. I can only say that it was clearly something that Darcy needed and Malcolm never overstepped. Their dialogue, both in and out of scenes, really allows us to follow the journey of their relationship. Any move that Malcolm makes is with Darcy's consent and with her needs in mind. There is some very steamy sex, as well as, some very touching moments in this book. My only complaint is that given the nature of their relationship, Darcy took the truth about Malcolm a little too well and he seemed to think his deception was excusable. Maybe I was too involved in the story and I'm just projecting, but I wanted him to suffer. This was a very absorbing and entertaining read with an action-packed ending that will leave you breathless. My only warning is that the BDSM element is very prevalent and not mild in nature. It does, however, have a realistic feel and the connection that Darcy and Malcolm share is stunningly beautiful. Highly recommended.

Book Blurb for Re/Bound

Losing her master ripped Darcy's world apart. Falling in love put it back together. Malcolm is an undercover agent, and she's his unwitting asset. Can a relationship built on lies survive the truth?

Picking herself up after the devastating loss of her master is more difficult than Darcy anticipated. Just when she needs someone the most, a handsome Dom steps in. Theo is thoughtful, dominant, and demanding—everything she needs. He pushes her boundaries, tests her limits, and takes her to new heights. With him, she remembers what it is to feel joy and love and a firm hand on her ass.

Agent Malcolm Legato is after a corrupt businessman, and Darcy is his ticket into the upper echelon of Snyder Corp. As he cultivates her as an asset, he falls hard for this feisty submissive, and he knows he'll break her heart the moment she finds out he's been lying to her all along.

When it all falls apart, will Darcy be able to find the strength to forgive Malcolm so they can build a life together and the courage to bring justice to the man she loved and lost?

With twists of rope and plot, this action-packed story will make you laugh, cry, and squirm in all the right ways. With Re/Bound, Michele Zurlo delivers a smart, bold, and sexy tale.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.50