Pridelands (Collection)

Pridelands is a collection of inter-related paranormal/sci-fi stories. It's related to the Felidae series but can be read on its own. The stories are hot, lusty and filled with sex. I liked that the stories are connected and that the plot evolved throughout each individual tale. The characters are unique and I found both the Felidae and Pridelands series to be creative and very entertaining. The world is fascinating and the author brings it alive with vivid descriptions of the setting and the people. I can see the characters clearly in my mind. There's quite a bit of angst and some exciting moments but it's the sizzling and emotional connection between the lovers that really shines. This is a great collection and each story is just the right length to enjoy in one sitting.


Aaron Coleman headed back home with his new mates. From the moment Durai and his crew landed on Earth things heat up. Mates are found, families reunited and trouble comes when hunters kidnap one of the crew.

Book Blurb for Pridelands (Collection)

Darren is looking for his brother and ends up finding something a little more alien. Durai has come to claim his mate. He won't let anything get in his way. Not even Darren.

Jai realizes he's found two people that complete him. Only, one wants nothing to do with him, and the other claims he's only interested in women.

Jai's sister, Rabi'a, isn't going to sit down and let any man determine her future. She has claws of her own, and Tigris Sheer Ma'at and Leo Rais Steinsson are about to feel them.

Griffin and Mazin have finally found a woman who completes them both. All they have to do is seduce her. Easy, right? Not if Joy has her way.

Khalid Steinsson and Pran Devan were once deeply in love. It will take something monumental to bring them back together.

Achan's nightmares won't let him move forward. Hunter Miles wants more than anything to be able to express his love for Achan. Tafa Morn never expected to find two wounded souls that needed his particular brand of care. Now that he has, he doesn't plan to let them go.

The Pridelands collection contains the previously released novellas Darren's Surprise, Zula's Stand, Sheer's Choice, Griffin's Joy, Khalid's Challenge, and Achan's Peace.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.50