Passion's Due

Angie is done helping her brother. He's promised her to Alex as payment for his debt. Alex has come to collect.

This is a very short, very hot little story. It is a little something to get you through a boring work day? Take a 15 min break and read this steamy tale. There's not much character building in ten pages, but you still feel like you know these two people. Angie and Alex really burn up the pages. Nicely done.

Book Blurb for Passion's Due

All her life, Angie has carried her brother through his irresponsible actions and addictions. But the day he offered her up as a sexual plaything as payment on his debt, her anger and hurt pushed Angie to finally remove him from her life.

Alex Curtis is a man with a bad reputation who takes whatever he wants. He’s intrigued by the offer he’s given. Alex already knows Angie and wants her in his bed and under his complete control.

Angie thought once she’d walked away that was the end of it, until Alex came to collect. What he’s planned for her has nothing to do with the debt and everything to do with his need to dominate her. To let her experience the pleasure of being bound and at his mercy. And Angie isn’t certain she doesn’t want to give in.

Short (10pp)

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00