Island Wolfman, #1

Ari was left on the island when the wolfman virus hit. He didn't change from the virus but the others did. All alone now, he carries on conversations with his wife (the one who dumped him on the island) in his mind. He's managed to avoid the wolfmen until now. Trapped and taken, Ari finds himself strangely attracted to one of the 'beasts'. Zack makes his interest known in a very physical way. As Ari fights to find a place in the pack, he must also fight the voice in his head if he is to face his own aching need.

Ms. Black is back with a new story set in the world in which a virus turned most men into monsters. I must admit that the wolfman series is one of my favorites. Paradise brings back the same mix of sex, humor and angst found in the first books. I like the setting and the plot has a lot of potential for future stories. Ari is an off-beat character and his smart mouth is an endearing quality. It's also interesting to follow him as he 'finds' himself. Zack is incredible and his pack members are fascinating. They are a powerful combination of innocence and instinct. Although I'm still partial to Daniel and Mace from the first series; this one has all makings of another great ride. I can't wait for the next.

Book Blurb for Paradise

Marooned. Alone with only the voices in my head -- and an island full of sex crazed wolfmen... They call this Paradise? Really?

What started out as a romantic cruise -- a last ditch effort to save our fading marriage -- turned ugly when my wife, Cecily, dumps me off me on an island in the middle of the Caribbean. To be fair, the virus was turning the men into monsters. All the men got left behind, to keep the women safe. But did she have to look so happy to get rid of me?

Immune to the virus that's ripped our world apart, I'm the only human left on this damnable island. I'm a slightly neurotic forty-year-old college professor playing Robinson Crusoe on the Island of Dr. Moreau.

"Oh please, Ari. You're far from Robinson Crusoe. He was a real man."

Oh, and my wife? She's still nagging me, if only in my mind. And now there's a certain wolfman after me who just doesn't understand I'm not looking to switch teams. Then there's the heat and humidity, wild wolfmen ready to attack, and a hurricane looming on the horizon.

Island life is far from paradise.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00