My Elusive Countess

As a favor to his dead friend and comrade, Garath Melbourne, Marquess of Blackbourne will assume guardianship of the man's young son. He also intends on seeing that the widow pays. Oliver had said he was driven to the war to escape his scheming, unfaithful wife and Garath intends to exact justice for him. Amanda is happily raising David, the only good thing to come from her useless husband, when a friend of Oliver's shows up and claims that he is now the guardian of her son. She will do whatever he says or lose David. So she heads back to London and the the very people who scorned her a few short years ago. Amanda is intrigued by the Marquess even though he is everything she despises and Garath is confused by the young woman who is nothing like he imagined. Maybe the answers will lie in the attraction that consumes them both.

I do love a good historical romance and this one was very enjoyable. Garath and Amanda are very likable characters and they have great chemistry. I especially liked Amanda. Her no nonsense attitude is refreshing. Secondary characters reek havoc in this story and create a memorable plot. I enjoyed the interplay between characters and the vivid descriptions of the places and people in this time period. This book is from of Ellora's Cave blush imprint and very sweet. There are a few twists in the story that make for an interesting read and the love story is delightful. A very nice way to pass the weekend.

Book Blurb for My Elusive Countess

Garath Melbourne, sixth Marquess of Blackbourne, returns from Waterloo to properties in disrepair and to assume guardianship of his dead friend’s son. Blackbourne is prepared for anything—especially for the chance to finally face the conniving widow who drove his friend to the battlefield to escape her machinations. What he is not prepared for is a woman of surpassing beauty who is the exact opposite of what he expected. Blackbourne swears to make her pay for her past sins…in his bed.

For fear of losing her son, Amanda, Countess of Willowvale, has no choice but to succumb to the wishes of her late husband’s friend, Lord Blackbourne. But Amanda is fighting more than the legality of her circumstances. Vowing never to involve herself with another carousing, gambling and irresponsible man of the ton, she’s dismayed to discover the marquess irresistible. Love is not an option…but perhaps taking on a lover is.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00