Match Made in the Highlands

Matchmaker Cafe Series Book 1

“Match Made in the Highlands” is a refreshing, sweet love story. Right from the beginning there's magic in the air. I chose this book to review specifically because of its reference to Brigadoon. It was my Mom's favorite movie. My reading choice is varied but on the whole it leans to the darker, grittier side of things. Every once in awhile I feel the need to refresh. Ms. Binder has crafted the perfect story to do so. Logan and Irene are charming, likable characters. Their story is filled with mysteries, enchantment and choices. While they both deal with their own problems, they are finding each other.

The entire story from start to finish will make you laugh, cry and more importantly, smile. There's not a hint of reality to the story. It doesn't even try and I wouldn't want it any other way. I highly recommend you suspend your expectations and just go along for the ride. One of the most enjoyable fantasy stories I've read in a long time and one that makes me feel close to my Mom again. That's the magic of books I think. I was glad to see that this is the first in a series. Can't wait for the next one.

Irene goes to Scotland in search of answers while Logan goes to help his mom. Together they discover magic still exists and love can sometimes demand a very high price.

Book Blurb for Match Made in the Highlands

In the Scottish Highlands, and with the last lines of the movie Brigadoon fresh in her mind, Irene Redmond signs up for a tour, hoping to uncover secrets hinted at in her mother’s diary. Instead, Irene is transported back in time to the thirteenth century, along with the rest of the tour group.

Logan Mackinnon, confirmed bachelor, has put his life on hold to help his father care for his mother and honor her dying wish to tour Stirling Castle. Sparks fly when Logan and Irene meet, but their budding romance is tested when they learn the conditions needed for their return to the twenty-first century. Like Brigadoon, the castle is enchanted, and only a marriage between two people who truly love each other will break the spell— and vows must be said before midnight.

Irene expected to unravel family secrets; instead she meets a fellow tour guest whose kisses awaken long-ago dreams of happily-ever-after. But are their feelings strong enough to break the castle's enchantment?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 5.00