Lycan Vengeance

Ever since Rose was attacked and her best friend killed by lycans, she has spent her life tracking and killing them. Hunting monsters she never imagined existed, Rose is sure of her path until the day she encounters Knox. Knox is an ancient lycan. He hunts the rogues of his kind and decides if they can be rehabilitated or not. Death is the outcome if they can't be helped. Tired and lonely, Knox is stunned when he is attacked by a human woman who turns out to be his mate. Rose's hatred and fear is almost insurmountable, however, she does begin to wonder if everything she believes is accurate. Can Knox help her learn the truth and can she begin to understand what it means to be a mate?

This is the fifth in S.K. Yule,s Lycan series. Although this one can be read on its own, I would suggest reading them in order to really get the whole picture. In this story we meet Knox, an ancient who has watched his kind become something evil and wrong. He's chosen to help those rogues who can change and kill those cannot. He's lived a lonely, solitary life trying to save his people. His sorrow is apparent and he's clearly haunted by his kills. Knox never hoped to find his mate until she tried to kill him. Rose is also haunted by her kills. For ten years she has live in a world of fear and fighting. Meeting Knox shatters all her beliefs. He's nothing like the other lycans she's encountered. These two are nicely matched and need each other desperately. The author does a nice job of really revealing both characters thoughts to the reader so that we can be part of their journey. This is a tense and emotional story with a fair amount of violence. There is also a very touching scene in which a rogue begins to understand that what he's been taught was wrong. I enjoyed the shared dream sequences that showed a deep and abiding connection between Knox and Rose. If you're a fan of paranormal romance you won't be disappointed by this story or the series.

Book Blurb for Lycan Vengeance

Rose has spent the past ten years hunting lycans, but when she comes across Knox, his gentle, caring nature-something she thought shape shifters incapable of-is mind blowing.

Knox has waited many lonely years for his intended mate, and now that he's found her, he plans to make her his. Her stunning beauty, strength and passion call to him, but he wonders if he'll be able to crack the staggering wall of hatred for his kind she's built around her heart.

Can Rose overcome the past and learn to love the one man who represents everything she despises?

Warning: Sexy, alpha, lycan male paired with vindictive, stunning, beauty may cause intense fantasies and hot flashes.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00