Lycan Prince

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Lycan Prince

Anastasia Maltezos is a new author to me and I'm so glad I gave her a try. Lycan Prince combines historical romance with the paranormal. Prince Vasilis needs to find a mate. He's taking on two and three women at a time in order to satisfy his lust. His father has organized a contest to find him one. Women are coming from all around to compete and show their abilities. The winner will wed the lycan Prince. Alexandra must win the contest. Her sister's life depends on it. If she weds the prince then she can provide for Ariel's medical needs. Vasilis and Alex meet in a less than auspicious manner and are very leery of each other. Circumstances conspire to keep them together and Vasilis comes to respect the fearless warrior woman. As they fight an old enemy, Alex will have to come to terms with fact that lycans aren't a myth and that the lycan prince wants her for a mate.

This was a nice take on the werewolf myth with creative details and culture. The characters are well-developed and exciting. Alex is a strong and very skilled warrior. She will do whatever it takes to keep her sister safe. Vasilis comes across gruff but he's a really honorable man. Their relationship starts slowly but it's very clear they are well matched. The plot will keep you absorbed and entertained. There's plenty of action and Alex is always in the thick of it. It was nice to read a shifter story where the destined mates fell for each slowly and completely before they needed to jump each other. There are some very well written love scenes that combine sensuality and fierce emotion. Secondary characters add interest and I really hope some of them will get their own stories. A very enjoyable read and I will certainly be looking for more from Ms. Maltezos

Book Blurb for Lycan Prince

He is a Lycan Prince sworn to protect his people. She is a warrior woman who fights with silver.

Prince Vasilis does not believe there is one true mate for every werewolf. Yet, he begins to wonder if he is bedding two, three wenches at a time to quench his mounting hunger, a lust he cannot sate, or because the legend is true, that his time to mate has come. Is there one woman destined to be his? One woman for all eternity who can satisfy his relentless hunger? No. The human woman he needs does not exist. His mate must be brave, strong, fear nothing and have more fire in her veins than all his Lycan guards combined.

Alexandra is on a mission. She must wed the prince to save her little sister's life. The fates conspire and bring her to him, but on first sight she tries to kill him. She is a beautiful warrior woman who makes men stop dead in their tracks, who fears nothing and no one, who above all, will not fall under the prince's seductive, sensual spell.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50