Lycan Christmas

Lycan Christmas is the latest in the S K Yule's  Lycan series. Lorent has been reformed and now understands his duty to protect all human women who carry the potential mate scent. As a rogue he witnessed countless atrocities committed against these women. With the guidance of the other Lycan males, Lorent has changed, although his past still haunts him. Melony has come to  Sanctuary seeking protection from rogues. She carries the 'mate' scent and must be guarded to ensure her safety. The moment Lorent sees her, he scents not only the potential mate scent but also the second scent that declares Melony his true mate. He refuses to claim her because he believes himself unworthy of such a woman. For her part, Melony is intrigued and attracted to the shy, handsome man who is to help her better understand Lycans. But Melony is also haunted by her past. Can the magic of the holidays bring two lonely, hurting hearts together?

I'll start by saying I'm a big fan of the Lycan series and that this a fantastic story that not only tells Lorent and Melony's story but also reacquaints us with the other couples from the series. I've wondered what became of Lorent since his less than auspicious introduction in the preceding story. Melony is everything I could ask for in a mate for him. Their journey is one of pain, courage and love. The dream sequences are beautifully written and really work well in particular story. The comings and goings of the other couples at Sanctuary add another dimension to the overall experience. I would suggest starting at the beginning of this series and working your way through. Each book is treat. This one ties up some loose ends and tells a wonderful story about the power of love and forgiveness, especially in forgiving yourself. Very enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Lycan Christmas

Melony is astonished when she learns that she is a destined mate to a lycan. But once the mind blowing news wears off, she finds the opportunity to have a family once again appealing.

Lorent, a newly reformed rogue, has learned about ancient lycan laws, and hopes to help save his dying race. Yet haunting memories from his monumental past are making it difficult for him to forgive himself.

Once Lorent meets Melony, he is torn between claiming the mesmerizing woman as his mate and denying the inevitable to save her from being tied to him forever.

Warning: Intense, dominant lycan male + compelling, extraordinary beauty make for an earth shaking and awe-inspiring ride. Buckle up before jumping on this sensational roller coaster read.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50