Love Unbound

Some books stay with you for a long time. Love Unbound is one of those. From the blurb, I wasn't really expecting such a moving and emotional read. Brendon, Ryan and Jay are well written and very appealing characters. Their relationship develops throughout the story. Although Ryan shares a unique connection with both of them, when the three combine there's magic. The sex is steamy and erotic but it's the undercurrent that flows from each encounter that raises everything to next level. I loved this story and it reminds very much of one my favorite book by Tymber Dalton. I don't want to give away the essence of the story but keep the kleenex near. Highly recommended. I will certainly be reading more by this author.

Ryan's Dom is bisexual and Ryan has a special gift for him. When Brendon comes home, he finds a sexy gift from his sub. Jay is bound and awaiting Master Brendon's touch. Her best friend Ryan has been training her to please his master. After an explosive night, Brendon is hooked. Can the three of them make a go of it or will a shocking truth tear them apart?

Book Blurb for Love Unbound

Arriving home from work, Master Brendon finds a wonderful gift waiting. Tied to a chair is the lush Jay Becket, his sub's best friend. Being bi-sexual, Brendon explores the delights of Jay’s submission. All too quickly he finds himself falling under her spell, in more ways than one.

Jay has always lusted after Brendon and agrees to her best friend’s plan to become Master Brendon’s new submissive, to help ease the pain she knows is coming.

But emotions spiral out of control when Brendon learns the truth behind Jay’s sweet submission. A secret which could tear their new fragile bond apart. (Heat Rating: 4 / Word Count: 19,790)

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, m/m sex, multiple partners, sex toys, voyeurism

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 5.00