Lord Keeper

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Lord Keeper

Lord Keeper starts off with a bang and just keeps going. Iain McPherson waited until she stepped off holy ground and took the woman he wanted. He was only following the age old highlander tradition of stealing his bride. However, the lady wasn't a highlander nor was she amused. She wouldn't even tell him her name. And so begins the adventure. Lady Victoria Hockley can't believe the nerve of the Laird of the McPherson clan. With a strength born of experience, she is more than a match for the man. Shadows from both their pasts, as well as betrayals from within, threaten their every move. Iain and Victoria are drawn together by an irresistible attraction and growing respect for each other, but far too many people plot to end their marriage before it starts.

This story has all the makings of a fantastic read. You have the honorable hero, a strong heroine, a deeply passionate attraction and an intriguing plot with plenty of action. Who can resist those sexy highlanders? The writing is wonderful and the dialogue, snappy and interesting. This is much more than a love story and the drama will keep anyone intrigued. I think I fell in love with Iain as Victoria did. She was no push-over and earned everyone's respect. This one is very erotic and sensual, the romance in the story isn't short changed either. If the Scottish Highlands set your heart aflutter, Lord Keeper will entertain you with its wit, charm, heat and passion.

Book Blurb for Lord Keeper

No man bargains for war when he chooses a bride, but when he steals her from holy ground, he can expect nothing less.

A kiss, a royal missive, and a midnight race for freedom lead Victoria Hockley, the Countess of Lansbury, to a churchyard deep in the Scottish Highlands. But not even hallowed ground can save her from the devil who has pursued her from England, and when Victoria's kidnapped by a furious Scot who swears to protect her, she fears she may have wound up in the hands of someone far more dangerous...

Iain MacPherson swore he was nothing like his father, but his kidnapping of Victoria Hockley, the Countess of Lansbury, from the grounds of a church shows the same kind of obsessive jealousy that sent his mother to an early grave. Now Iain has hell to pay, and the devil may very well be the noble English lass who has bewitched his very soul.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.50