His Possession

The Owners, 1

I've recently 'discovered' Sam Crescent and have been reading everything I can from her. His Possession is the first in a new series and a sexy, romantic read. Her theme pretty much revolves around the younger woman/older man set up. I love her writing style and the way the reader can really get inside both characters. It makes the often very arrogant heroes much more relatable. I love Violet and it's fascinating to watch her bloom with Cadeon. The story is a bit confusing at times as it's also laying the groundwork for future books. However, by the end, the story is complete and we're more than ready for next installment. Sexy, kinky and suspenseful, His Possession is a winner for me.

Violet has learned not to trust anyone. She lives her life alone and frightened. Her boss, Cadeon Ashwood doesn't give her a choice. He has found his soulmate and will do whatever it takes to win her. Even as she emerges from her shell, danger circles as Violet hides a dark secret that not only threatens her life but everyone else around her.

Book Blurb for His Possession

Cadeon Ashwood is a dominant man who has one problem: he’s overly possessive. When he meets Violet Moore for the first time, he knows she is the woman for him. The possessive instinct she stirs within him can only mean one thing—she will be the woman who owns his heart.

Violet is a shy young woman who is trying to make her way in the world, but she has a dark past filled with shame. She is constantly looking over her shoulder.

When Cadeon sees an opportunity to get close to the younger woman, he takes it with everything he’s got. She drives him crazy with the way she bows her head, and her innocent blushing makes Cadeon want her more.

For too long she’s lived without love and safety. Cadeon offers her everything, but will she live long enough to enjoy it?

Be Warned: light BDSM, spanking. Heat Rating: 3 / Word Count: 53,460

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.00