He Needs to Feed

Caleb's world was looking good. He's moved into a new apartment and has a new man in his life. Devin is not only gorgeous; he's a genuinely nice guy. All that changes when Caleb kills a rapist in the middle of an attack. Since that night, he feels violent and frightening sexual urges. A voice in his head threatens to take control. He breaks if off with Devin in order to protect him. However, as Caleb's life spirals out of control and he fights for his sanity, Devin finds himself drawn into the nightmare. Devin has wrestled with his own demons and is stronger than Caleb knows. He'll fight whoever or whatever is threatening his lover.

I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderfully entertaining story. The blurb enticed me to try this book but it didn't really prepare me for such a great read. There are sensual love scenes, some nicely written dialogue and a very intriguing plot. Caleb and Devin are great together and very appealing. The author pens a creative take on theme of demon possession. The story has plenty of angst and uncertainty but without the level of violence often found in many demon stories and so I think it will appeal to a larger audience. The ending is suspenseful and, overall, the entire story is a satisfying and memorable read. I can recommend this one for anyone looking for a sexy love story with a touch of the paranormal.

Book Blurb for He Needs to Feed

Since moving into his new townhouse, Caleb has had fantasies about his gorgeous neighbor, Devin. When the two start seeing each other, Caleb can scarcely believe his good luck. He soon falls head over heels in love with the sweet, sexy ballet dancer. It seems nothing can drive them apart.

Then one night Caleb kills a serial rapist in self defense and afterward is plagued by a voice in his head that stirs violent sexual cravings. Each night the cravings become almost unbearable and Caleb fears he is losing his mind. His attraction to Devin and the desires of the sex demon that has possessed him are a dangerous combination.

To keep from attacking the man he loves, Caleb breaks off their relationship and buys a security cage with a time release lock. He spends each night inside the cage, consumed by a need to feed his sexual hunger. No one can understand his obsession, or so he thinks.

Despite his seemingly happy life and gentle disposition, Devin fully understands obsession. After battling his own demons for years, he knows they can be beaten and he refuses to give up his lover without a fight. Page Count: 113

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.75