Forrest was back. Hunter hadn't seen his faithless ex in years. Now he was walking around the club like he belonged there. That wasn't going to happen. When Forrest applied for membership to Hammer, Hunter voted against him and his application was rejected. Forrest was hurt and angry. He was savagely beaten and raped after going to another club. Guilt brought Hunter to his bedside but other feelings demanded he care for Forrest as he healed. Hunter will have to work harder than he ever has if he's to help the man he loves return the world of the living. The road to recovery will be difficult but the men may find something precious if they reach the end of it.

This was very heartbreaking story at first. Misunderstanding and mistrust caused a boatload of misery. The attack on Forrest was brutal. His courage and strength were so apparent but he didn't see himself that way. I couldn't really connect to Hunter until later in the book. The story does unfold nicely and I found the slow pace very appropriate. Hunter and Forrest are so good together. There are beautiful scenes as Forrest rediscovers his sexuality and submissive needs. Some of the sexual encounters were less about sensuality and more about courage and trust. It worked for this story, actually nothing else would. I really like the Hammer series and it was enjoyable to visit with Oliver and Jack again. I think Jack contributed to Forrest's recovery with his clear, albeit, emotional acceptance. He and Forrest have a sweet connection. I did find this book to be a bit emotionally draining. The damage to Forrest was so extensive and its effect on Hunter, profound. It is, however, a beautiful journey of healing and another wonderful addition to the series.

Book Blurb for Gravity

It's never easy to run into an ex-lover, especially when the break-up was a bad one. That's exactly what happens to Hunter Barrister one evening at the Hammer, though, and he's more upset over seeing the amazingly beautiful Forrest Greune again than he ever thought he could be. When he finds out that Forrest is not only back in town for good, but wants to join the Hammer Club, board member Hunter balks and refuses to give his consenting vote.

Forrest, a now retired model, isn't the same flighty young thing he was when he and Hunter were together, and he wishes Hunter could just move on. When that doesn't happen, he finds himself amusing himself, elsewhere with disastrous results. Broken and injured, Forrest is surprised to find Hunter the one at his bedside, the one who sticks with him and offers support through everything.

Can Forrest and Hunter put their history behind them and be what they need for each other, or will guilt, fear and the past put an end to the relationship neither of them seem to be able to abandon?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00